Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My Favorite Things

My favorite color of car is red
My favorite color of shirt is black
My favorite color of pants is blue
My favorite smell is baking bread
My favorite flower is flowering moss
My favorite time is daybreak
My favorite small city is Telluride, or maybe Sedona
My favorite big city is New York, or maybe San Francisco, or Seattle, or Miami
My favorite sport is football
My favorite hobby is fly fishing
My favorite thing to do is write -- songs and stories
My favorite thing to do with Jilda is sing (this is a G rated blog)
My favorite month is October, or maybe May
My favorite past time is dining with friends

When I was trying to think of something to write about, I drew a blank. I was simply putting something down on the screen while I was thinking. It turned into a list of my favorite things.
What are some of your favorite things?


  1. This is fun, Rick - may I borrow (pilfer?) your idea?


  2. my favorite color is green.
    my favorite thing to do is anything with Ornery--we always have so much fun together!
    my favorite time of day is 4:30 am--it's so quiet and no one expects you to be up.
    my favorite city is ft. walton beach, florida.

    it is fun to get to know you a little better--thanks for posting your favorites!

  3. My favourite kitty is Charlie! LOL!

    Yay for favourite things!! Take care

  4. Well well well, I might post tomorrow a similar one, come and look :)

  5. Turned out to be a great blog post Rick. Very fun.

  6. Good to know - now we won't be tempted to ask you any "dumb interview" questions, like "what is your favorite color"?

    Have a good evening and enjoy some of your favorite things.

  7. I love red cars too. I've never had one, we take what we can get. :) The smell of baking bread is lovely.

    My favorite movie is "Notorious" my favorite actor is Cary Grant. My favorite food is pizza and ice cream.My favorite city is Vancouver (to visit).

  8. Well darlin', I was lead to your blog by Claudia from The Story to check out your Fav Things posting. What do I find but Southern boy! I've perused some of your postings and have enjoyed them tremendously. Can't wait to keep reading!
    I love southern nights...watching the fire flies flitting over a garden in air heavy with magnolias and confederate jasmine! Just so ya know!



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