Sunday, June 12, 2011

My Old Guitar

Things have been so crazy lately, I've neglected my old guitar. It sits on a stand in the corner of the room and waits for that moment when fingers dance on steel.
I'm not sure why I think taking out garbage, or hoeing gardens, or buying groceries is more important that strumming strings. But for some reason, some time, the old guitar takes a back seat. Ignored like a faded sweatshirt.
This evening as I was tapping on keys and trying to come up with an original idea, I glanced over to the corner and it called to me.
I picked it up, closed my eyes and strummed a few chords. For the life of me, I don't know why I treat it so badly.
I must do a better job.


  1. This old guitar taught to sing of love song

    It taught me how to laugh and how to cry ...

    I miss me some John Denver

  2. Awwwww it's ignored but never forgotten!!

    Take care

  3. Practice, practice says my hubby :)

  4. that's how life is all about... there are times that we need to set something that we love doing to do what we need to be doing... but don't let it wait for too long.. doing the thing that you love to do makes your heart happy.



  5. Aw, but it still loves you, now doesn't it? The best thing about your little friend is that it will sing to you when you need it, will let you pluck it 'til it hurts, and it won't hold a grudge. ;)

  6. The good thing is it will always be right there waiting for you. It's an extension of your thoughts and feelings.


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