Sunday, November 09, 2014

A sliver of red and gold

I was delayed today. Someone stopped me at the grocery store to complement me on my todays column in the newspaper.

I would never be rude or ungrateful even though a silent timepiece in the back of my mind was saying Tick Tock, Tick Tock.

Life is often that way. You're stopped at a traffic light that seems may never change. A look in both directions verifies there's not another car in the county, but years of safety training won't let you run through it.

You sit stranded at the light beating your head against the padded steering wheel until it's bloody before it finally changes.

That happened today. I would have bet the farm I was too late to get the photo I've been wanting. But just as I drove up, I saw the evening light slowly sliding across the hills overlooking the lake and realized that I was just in time.

Off in the distance you can see a sliver of red and gold.

I guess the Universe is a better keeper of time.


  1. A worthwhile delay for sure.

  2. Anonymous12:00 AM

    The universe doesn't care when (or if) you get where you'r going!!

  3. I like this, you express what we all relate to. Good stuff. But the shot is breath taking. Beautiful.....

  4. That is frameable and I'm glad you made it in time 'cause it's gorgeous. Better to be late because of a compliment than a criticism! You really would have been ticked!

  5. You've managed to capture one of nature's magic moments.

  6. WOW Rick, this is gorgeous... It's good you were delayed... we don't always think of that being good but I am learning it is too... :)

  7. These autumn (fall) photos just get better and better.

    Have you ever looked at your watch or whatever digital device you use to see exactly how long you have waited at these lights? You might be surprised how at how little time you have soent waiting - in the larger scheme of things. :-)

    Ms soup

  8. Perfect timing.



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