Friday, November 14, 2014

Point of view

Life is all about perspective. In time, I've come to understand this simple fact. At 50 thousand feet we all look the same. But a closer look reveals that none of us are exactly alike.

I shot several frames of fall foliage earlier in the week and settled on one particular picture to post here for you.

But tonight as I scanned my recent photos, I came across the frames I didn't pick that day, and an idea twinkled, slightly out of focus,  at the edge of thought.

At the moment I chose the earlier picture, I thought it was the best view, but upon reflection, I wonder.

What is the best view?  Some people like the wide view that shows the entire picture so they can get a sense of the time, place, and feel of the picture.

Others like all the distractive elements cropped out leaving a more austere picture that represents the essence of the subject.

The point is this: Almost everything we hear, see, feel, touch, or taste can be rubbish or exquisite. It depends upon your point of view.


  1. You're so right.

  2. Both are naturally beautiful Rick! :)

  3. My mom used to live on a creek that went out to a river on the Chesapeake Bay. She named her home "Point of View." That was my favorite point of view. This brought back that memory. Thanks!

  4. I prefer the first one; it has a stronger composition.

  5. Anonymous12:25 PM

    I love almost all your pictures--you have a good eye for composition!!

  6. I also like the first one and you are right we are all individuals with our own experiences and this makes us all different..........and all the same. lol

  7. Perspective is everything. And different for everyone.

  8. I'm not sure what this says about me but I'm all for the second shot...both are good but I like the "up close and personal" view I guess!

  9. Stunning pictures my friend! Love your pictures. The colors are always so vibrant!

  10. Point of view can change everything...for the better or the worse! Your picture is lovely!


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