Saturday, November 15, 2014

Cool day in Empire

The weather today's been picturesque. Even with full sun, it was cold enough to wear a jacket when we went out before lunch.

Jilda found an incredible deal on corduroy blazers yesterday, so I slid my arms into the black one today. I felt all distinguished and what not.

When we got back home, I took the dogs for a walk. They love this weather. Both of our critters have a lot of hair and struggle during hot weather, but today they ran with wild abandon.

The coldest weather of the year is marching toward us, so over the next few days I'll need to seal up the chicken house for winter, and wrap the outside faucets.

Thanksgiving will be here before we know it.


  1. It's already here.. you're welcome to it. :)

  2. ... and our hottest Rick, I don't know which is worse :)

  3. Rick

    Feeling distinguished wearing the black corduroy blazer is one thing, but the really important thing is the 'what not' bit....

    Ms Soup

  4. Sounds like a pleasant winter compared to the snow we are now having! Our winters in the Midwest are brutal, and this one started early!

  5. I hope your winter isn't as brutal as ours.
    Feeling good in new duds is a good thing. Black looks distinguished.

  6. I love it when puppies can run wildly and unfettered!, I love it how the sun lights up the red.

  7. Temperatures have dropped significantly here in Portland and I need to wrap my faucets so the pipes don't freeze.

  8. We got a lot of outdoor final doings done yesterday. The temps have fallen and snow...3-5in. is on it's way. The wood furnace is humming so we're nice and toasty..and Jack fired up the snow blower to make sure it's working. I guess we're good to go! The trees here have no leaves so brown is the color of the your beautiful pic!

  9. Same thing happens at the zoo in cool weather. The long coated animals can really get frisky. Of course the giraffes refuse to leave the barn.


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