Friday, November 21, 2014

And while we're on the subject of beaches

I'm not a world traveler like my blog buddy Jack, but we've been to a beach or two. I can say without a moment's hesitation, I've never met a beach I didn't like.

We've been in the Florida Keys, and points all along the gulf coast. We've been as far north a Boston, and as far west as California.

When visiting our friend Ken in Grand Rapids, Michigan, spent a weekend on Lake Michigan at Benton Harbor which was a treat.

I've been to Panama's Atlantic and Pacific shores, and we walked on beaches in Ireland. They all are multi-sensory intoxication.

I have a basket of seashells on the vanity in my bathroom that we've picked up on the beaches we've visited through the years.

This picture popped up in my Memoir app. It was taken at Gulf Shores several years ago. I thought it was serendipity that it showed up this evening.


  1. Peacefully beautiful, Rick.....

  2. Oh I envy you the beach in Ireland. That is on the Bucket list. I have met a friend in Ireland on the net and we do hope to make that trip. You guys are so blessed. I never did see the beaches around Panama. I know from your posts you spent a lot of time there. Being a singer and guitar picker, I am sure you were in demand. Nothing better than that when away from home. Hundreds of times I wished I could make music, so many perfect times for it. Great visit tonight.
    Hey I am trying something new. I have a lady in Malta who is proofing my next book. My wife refused to do another. She wants to read one from scratch. LOL

  3. Anonymous12:22 AM

    Absolute serenity!

  4. Yep, I'm with you on the beach reviews! Never found one I didn't like!

  5. I love beaches too, and the farthest beach I walked on was in Miami, Florida in 1966.
    Got sunburnt in beginning of March on a windy day.
    What came to mind when I started to read this post was Johnny Cash, I've Been Everywhere.

    Have a Happy weekend.

  6. I love beaches...I find them to be so relaxing! I love watching the movement of water as it moves in and away from the shore. It soothes my soul. We have collected shells as well and have glass jars of shells from various beaches on the fireplace mantle on bookshelves and tables in my office. They hold such great memories for us!

  7. I could use some of that beachy sunshine today.

  8. I suspect my traveling days are over. It's good that I like my home.



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