Thursday, November 13, 2014

It's getting colder

I could tell by looking at the sky last night as the sun sank low that it would be getting cold. The birds knew it too, because there was a sense of urgency to their evening work.

Drinking green tea before turning in last night, I could hear the wind in the trees. We fell asleep to the sound of acorns rattling the metal roof.

This morning had me drinking coffee early and making ready to head into to Birmingham for meetings.

By mid morning, the clouds were gray as woodsmoke, and I was glad I'd worn warm clothing. The forecast called for the temps to rise in the afternoon, but that didn't happen.

It took a steaming cup of hot caramel mocha to set me right.

It will drop into the 20s tonight but warm up a little before being brutally cold later in the weekend.

Old man winter is knocking on the door.

I shot the picture below, earlier in the week, before the sun got shy.


  1. That's cold. It equivalent to our-6 Celsius. We're a little colder this morning at -1 C. We're supposed to get snow today and I still don't have my snow tires on.

    Mother Nature sure painted a pretty picture for you...
    Have a relaxing weekend.

  2. The acorns seem to be plentiful this year! I think that's supposed to mean a long, hard winter. They have been so noisy on my roof. I can't imagine how it would sound with a tin roof!

  3. I love the arrival of old man winter!! I am convinced I was a polar bear in a former life.

  4. Lovely photo! The reflections are beautiful. Stay warm!

  5. We now follow Fall south but stop before Okeechobee. I love winter pictures, even miss the brisk feeling of the chill, SOMETIMES!
    Always like the photos....

  6. Cleveland got slammed with snow but we only got a dusting. Looks like the cold is here to stay. I didn't realize it gets that cold down there! Keep warm and have a good weekend!

  7. Here in Portland it dropped to freezing yesterday and we had freezing rain, which sticks to everything and makes travel nearly impossible. I hope you have a great weekend.

  8. We've already seen snow, which does not look good for what's ahead! Beautiful picture!

  9. Not hear yesterday was a bloody stinking hot day with temps around 40°c or if you prefer 104°f

  10. Sounds similar to our weather.. even colder, perhaps. That sounds wrong for the south. :)

  11. It is getting colder even here in Ireland, we're getting a large amount of rain but have some bright days in between. Your photos are lovely. Enjoy your weekend


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