Tuesday, November 04, 2014


I have an app on my phone that a friend recommended. It's called Memoir and once you install it, and give it access to the pictures on your phone, Facebook, Instagram, and any other programs that utilize photographs, it says OK. I'll get back to you once I'm finished.

I'm not sure what it did, or how long it took, but while I was busy doing other things, it assembled the photos I'd taken in the past into chronological story of my life over the last 10 years or so.

Every few days I'll get a message saying click here to see what you were doing four years ago today.  I always enjoy getting those messages and strolling back through the years.

Last year at this time we were in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. The sky was blue as a postcard, and the sun felt warm even with the stiff breeze off the mountains telling us that winter was on the way.

A simple swipe of the finger transported me back in time, to a beautiful place.

A picture book on the shelf of your living room will do the same thing, but how often do we pull it off the shelf and flip through the pages?

Some people complain that technology is ruining the world, and at times their arguments are compelling. But when I get a reminder that I was with my mom four years ago today, and I flip back through the photographs and relive our conversation, if only for a moment, I can't help believing that technology is a good thing.


  1. I have a similar app called Time Hop... it gives me reminders for the past few years... sometimes it is a wonderful things... I love seeing all the changes I have made... some memories are not as easy to deal with... it is a great app though... regardless, I love technology :)

  2. I use my blog as my journal. When I need a peek back in time I go there. I think technology is a tool that we can use or abuse. Like all parts of life, moderation is the key. I would love to have the chance to visit with my Dad....virtual or otherwise. Your new app sounds like a good thing!


  3. I'm not much of a technology person but I know they are wonderful. I just don't feel a need for them as I love the slower pace of simple life. I just have a stupid cell phone so far.


  4. We enjoyed Jackson Hole when we were there a few years ago, even bought an elk antler chandelier which hangs in our dining room.

  5. How I wish I had had that app a few years ago when my mom was still alive! When I went home for the last time...I will search for it.

    Jackson Hole and Devil's Tower are some destinations for us. Maybe in 2015?

  6. I remember getting the photo albums down (mama had two) The pictures carefully installed with the black corners on Black paper, and lovingly flip thru them. I understand exactly what you are saying and the app would be great. since we use 'Our Pictures' as our screen saver we see the past all the time now.
    Yes I am glad for the technology. BTW great 'make me think' entry. THANKS

  7. Dear Rick, I have no doubt that technology is a good thing. The twentieth century saw the rise of so much technology and changed all our lives. So while I think technology is good, I think the way it's used makes a difference. When it's used to destroy things we hold dear then it's not good. It's destructive. And so I think all of us, not just the generals in the Pentagon use technology to destroy but also the hackers sitting before computers and the people texting instead of engaging face to face in a conversation. When technology takes the place of human contact then I get worried. Peace.

  8. I know nothing about apps maybe I am too old..............but I don't think so I think it is more that I just don't care about apps although I know there are a lot of great ones out there if only I knew more about how to get them

  9. Beautiful way to review good memories...beautiful photo of the mountains!


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