Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Sunset through the pines

Last night was cooler than I expected, and when I rolled out of bed to get the coffee dripping, I had to step back to my closet for a sweatshirt.

Our priorities changed this week which rearranged my writing schedule and I struggled with my column out on time. That happens from time to time. 

Sometimes the words won't come no matter how hard I coax. I used to fret, but now I've come to realize that not everything I write will qualify for the Pulitzer :)

I do my best. When it's finished, Jilda edits, I make corrections and send that baby winging its way through cyberspace to all the papers that run it.

It was pretty for most of the day, but by late afternoon, clouds rolled in from the gulf and I assumed it would be a sad sunset, but like yesterday Ol' Sol wouldn't be denied.


  1. Anonymous11:11 PM

    Again a GORGEOUS picture--Happy Thanksgiving to you & Jilda!!

  2. As the seasons change, it never ceases to amaze me what new work of art waits for me as I rise in the morning and at night, as I end my day!

  3. Yeah, it is even a little cool in central Florida. Like the shot thru the trees. Stay WArm!! And enjoy your Thanksgiving!

  4. Yesterday I was weeding chickweed in the garden, today we have a major snowstorm.
    Happy Thanksgiving Rick. Enjoy your home cooked family dinner.

  5. Happy Thanksgiving from our home to yours! May you be inspired after your meal today or just pain filled to overflowing!


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