Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Old photographs

One of my accomplishments this week was cleaning out my closet. Back in the corner where only spiders and wintering mice fear to tread, I found a plastic storage box as big as a footlocker.

Inside the box was a cache of old photographs that belonged to Jilda's mom. We found it store in the back of her closet after she died.

Jilda and I started dating when she was only 16, so I witnessed much of her life and that of her family, but some of these pictures I'd never seen.

I decided to scan these and share them with family, but as I worked Jilda would comment on her memory of the photographs.

The experience was moving. In fact, it's the subject of the column that will appear in Sunday's paper.

I know it's a cliche, but I'll say it once more: Old photographs are what add color to the tapestry of our lives.


  1. I have a few small boxes of very VERY old photos.. some which go back to generations who are unknown to me. I need to sort through them, and the Skype with my oldest cousin to see if they are known to her. That's the plan, anyway. It's quite fascinating to see these faces from long ago.

  2. Who are those fine looking young men in that photo?

    I'm the original photo tragic - I have been known to find other people's abandoned photos and I can't even part with them!!

    Ms Soup

  3. As the second child, my parents were burned out with picture-taking and there are very few pictures of me as a kid.

  4. Something there is about an old photo!
    Ref: Stephen Hayes above, our second son feels the same way, where are pictures of ME?
    Good memory Lane entry.

  5. Old photographs are our memories preserved...I love old photographs!

  6. I love old photographs and they hold such good memories. There weren't as many photos taken way back then as it cost for evert developed photos, sometimes even the bad ones.

    Looking forward to reading the article.


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