Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Autumn walk

Last night the temps dipped to 17 degrees which is frosty in this part of the country. Tiny ice crystal formations settled around the bottom edges of the great room glass at the front of our house which faces north.

Even though the sun stood tall in a cloudless sky today, the wind out of the west would cut you like a scythe.

This afternoon I walked with the howling wind and screaming knees. Even when Arthur is kicking my tail, I try to get my exercise in. Setting my timer for 25 minutes, I set out.

When I got to the apple trees, there were about a dozen apples the size of softballs lying on the ground. They'd been basking in the autumn sun at the top of the apple tree, just out of reach of ladders and lifts. But the cold weather brought them to earth.

As I walked past today, I scooped one up, brushed it vigorously on my pant leg as if I were shining it for my favorite teacher.

When I sank my teeth into this apple, I stopped in my tracks and let the juice trickle down my chin as I chewed. It was, without question, the best apple I've ever put into my mouth.

I picked up several more apples and stuffed them into my pockets, knowing that Jilda would make something amazing with them when she got home.

I snapped a photo as I rounded the barn. It's just another example of light, shadow, and too many shades of color to name.


  1. Anonymous8:55 PM

    May I please have a bite?

  2. Crisp day, crisp does sound good.

  3. I for one enjoyed the autumn walk, I even tasted that apple, and of course wanted more of a taste, but I put the last of our apples in the smoothie this morning. But the 17 seems very low to me.......

  4. Beautiful photo.... and the words you chose to describe your walk were perfect.

  5. I love Autumn walks... look what you found, yummy apples and a wonderful picture :-)

  6. I can almost taste the juice of that apple.

  7. Sounds like a beautiful way to get some exercise...great picture, too!

  8. What a beautiful picture you paint! I'm sure Jilda DID make something amazing from the apples - how wonderful.


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