Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Basking in the beauty

I had a meeting in Birmingham yesterday at the Botanical Gardens. Actually it was a staff Christmas picture. I'm a freelancer and not really on the staff, but I've been writing for one of the papers since before my friend Dan bought the publication and he considers me a part of his team.

The little paper has grown from a couple full-time employees to about 15 full time staffers and a bunch of interns, photographers and writers. The talent pool there is mind blowing. I'm not surprised when the traditional media environment collapsed, it left a lot of really good writers, designers, and photographers on the street.

Anyhow, they asked me to come over to the Botanical Gardens and be in the picture. I was flattered.

Once the picture was taken, everyone had to scurry back to work to get the papers out, but I took a little time to wander around the gardens and soak in the color, smells, and sounds of this little piece of paradise in the middle of a large city.

On the way out of the gardens to the parking lot, I came upon a photo op I couldn't pass up. An oak and maple were putting on a show. I stopped by an old gate and snapped a few frames.

The drive home was incredible. Autumn, brief as it is, was all around and for a short while, I basked in the beauty.


  1. funny that I had never thought of the brain drain caused by the switch in media forms. it is nice to be enlightened. And also, that picture is a post card. Love it.

  2. Beautiful autumn colors! Sounds like a great team!

  3. Anonymous11:55 PM

    So GLAD you caught that shot!!

  4. Sounds and looks like a great place to visit! Great picture!

  5. It's indeed such a beautiful autumn scenery! Love it! :)

  6. An enlightening trip. Where do all the .... go when... has long been a question of mine. NASA scientists? Newspaper writers? Telephone operators? A long list of disenfranchised employees.
    Your photo feels like the oak and the maple are best of friends and are holding on for each other.

  7. It's a great picture worthy of your sharing. The colors are amazing.

    I got to thinking about my comment on your previous post. I hope I didn't offended you when I said that my wish for Jilda was that she grew old with you. Maybe I should have worded that differently. What I meant was " That you both have a long life together." Sometimes, I'm too tired to think straight.


  8. I love it when nature shows off. Great picture.

  9. That photo is perfect. I remember being in those Christmas pictures. When the year 2000 arrived, we all signed our names to a page that was included in the paper.


  10. I'm riding high on the coat tails of your Fall beauty! We are in the "snow is almost here" phase..cold today and soon the wood burner furnace will be cranking along. Oh well, I knew it was coming! Ha! Enjoy your lovely scenery for as long as possible!


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