Sunday, November 23, 2014

A story behind every photograph

The paper in which my column runs usually puts the lead paragraphs along with a picture of me on the front of the Lifestyle section of the paper. The second half of the column usually jumps to a page inside the section.

Today, the front page had the column as usual, but somehow they didn't include the last half of it. My phone number is listed in the book, and it rang off the hook today. 

When I pointed out to the folks that the entire column was online and that I'd posted it on Facebook, most of them said, "Well, I'M NOT ON THE INTERNET!!!!" 

One demographic that my column tends to resonate with are older folks who grew up hard. Many of them survived the Great Depression, and although I came alone much later, the circumstances around my early life were not that different than many of them, so they identify with many of my topics.

As I mentioned late last week in this blog, the column is about coming across a cache of old photographs. I'll post it tomorrow night, but in the story I describe the picture below which is of Jilda's mom.

She's barely 15 and holding her first child, and there is a story behind this photograph. 

Be sure and come back on Monday night to read it.


  1. Women had to grow up fast in those days. That little girl doesn't like having someone take her picture. Cute just the same.
    Too bad the publisher didn't print the whole article.

    Happy Thanksgiving.

  2. Such a sweet young woman, holding a grumpy baby. I look forward to the back story!

    By the way, I have listed you as one of the bloggers I would miss if for some reason you stopped blogging. So, don't stop, there.

  3. I wish I knew all the stories behind the old photos left behind by my folks. I would love to know what they were. Too bad about the second half not making it to print. Cute baby, even though grumpy. Babies can get away with that. :-)

  4. I also like to know stories behind photos.

  5. Why is that baby giving such a convincing stink eye. I'll be back for the rest.

  6. I can sympathize with the 'I am not on the internet' some of my closest friends are not on the net because computers scare them, and they will not give them a try. We await the story behind the photo. some pictures have better stories than others. (smile)

  7. Old photos hold so many memories and them!


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