Saturday, November 22, 2014

Patient creatures

Dogs are patient creatures. They'll sit and wait for hours. Today I did yard yoga.  Caillou walked out with me to supervise.

He lay with his head on his paws while I moved slowly through my routine. It seems he's never bored, and rarely interrupts me when I'm doing my stretches.

Though meditation is hard for him to witness. Anyone lying on the ground obviously needs assistance.  

Today, while he didn't actually touch me, he was so close I could feel his breath on my face. He was so close, all I could see was his nose. 

I think he was trying to decided if I needed mouth to mouth. I'm glad he decided to wait until I opened my eyes.


  1. I have a great mental image of Caillou giving you mouth to mouth!!

  2. That would be mouth to snout.

    Dogs...ya gotta love them!

  3. I enjoy your shortened description of the Yoga, it is a beautiful exercise in motion and stretching. Good picture of Caillou the beautiful collie.

  4. He's just loyal...he needs to know you're okay because he cares!

  5. Gosh I love dogs. Cats recognize me for the dimwitted, slob I am and are too smart to show me affection.

  6. A dog is a man's best friend even to a man in meditation in Yoga pose. Good Caillou.

    Happy Thanksgiving and I hope Caillou gets a good dinner too.

  7. Your Calliou is precious.
    What a friend.....

  8. I think collies are especially good watchers. They are worried that Timmy will fall down the well and they'll be called upon to save him.


  9. Laugh out loud! Calliou sounds so very empathetic. What a blessing!

  10. We could learn a lot from dogs, couldn't we Rick? Have a Happy Monday, buddy!

  11. Hey Rick, Funny mental picture on this post LOL
    May you and Jilda have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!


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