Wednesday, February 04, 2015

An old cold day

It was an old cold day today. Not in the same league with Ohio or Ontario, but the sun took the day off and the wind out of the north kept flags flapping all day which made if feel cold to me.

I didn't take the picture below today, but as I flipped through old photographs, I came across it and it made me shiver involuntarily. I realized, it was the prefect picture for today.


  1. It looks like a foggy day. Some people like fog but I'm not fond of fog for some reason. It feels eerie. It must be a childhood remnant of some spooky story that I've forgotten or something.
    Maybe a hot cup of chocolate would warm you up.

    We're in our 4th major snow storm in 8 days today. It not very cold though, only -3°C or 26.6°F. I can live with that. Hang on, Spring is getting closer with each passing day.


  2. That's a great shot. A reflection of life staring up at you.
    Here, I wish I could open the french doors and sit on my porch outside but the rain and
    I have plants in pots and the bulbs are coming up and it's not spring. I wish I could put up a hot house and begin planting tomatoes zuccini broccoli cabbage maybe some kale. Would put me in a better mood watching babies sprout.
    At least you have a great yard in the country to enjoy .

  3. A gray and soggy day...perfect to have a strong coffee with real cream, and a corned beef sandwich.

  4. It made me shiver too, actually. And it's way colder up here.. still it was an effective shiver-inducer. And quite a lovely photo.

  5. It looks foggy and mysterious, like Big Foot is about to appear.

  6. I giggled to my self, "Mama said, there would be days like this, days like this, mama said!"
    I agree with Stephen...

  7. Sounds like a good day to sip a cup of tomato soup while sitting under a snuggle blanket with a good book.

  8. Cold days are a part of life, but I prefer when they make a brief appearance and then disappear for a while.


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