Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Sometimes the words come slow.

I had several things on my Day Planner today, but the #1 priority was writing my column for Sunday's paper.

Normally, writing the column takes about a hour plus editing. Every so often, writing something of substance is brutal. 

I wrote two pieces which were 500 words each but both seemed lame as a pony with a stone bruise.

After lunch and a short nap, I headed back to my office, but the afternoon sun distracted me.

Stepping over to the back door, I stood for a long while. The warm sun felt good on my aching knees.

Picking up my laptop, I moved the office to the back deck.  After a few moments in the sun, my fingers began dancing on the keys and soon my column was rattling out of my ancient laserjet printer.

That's the nature of the beast -- sometimes the words come slow.


  1. Words come fast for me.

    Good words come very slow.

  2. I know what you mean Rick... there are days when I sit down to write and it takes me an hour or two... then others I can sit down and in 20 minutes I have said what I feel needs to be said... I love those days ;)

  3. Yeah, that happens to every one, but when yours do come, they come fit together like a hand and glove. I move mine around and they are a little disjointed.

    However it is always an interesting read, because even the non professional writer can benefit here. It is one of my fun stops for pointers.
    We move tomorrow, gotta start wrapping it up.

  4. My main problem is that my mind tends to wander and I find myself daydreaming. It's just like grade school. I am regressing to childhood.

    1. Anonymous12:22 PM

      My mind also wanders & sometimes it leaves completely!!

  5. It doesn't really matter the speed with which the words come, so long as they do come.

  6. No one would know how fast or slow words comes to you as long as they do.
    Fresh air and sunshine seems to have recharged your solar panel on top of your head.


  7. There is something about sunshine that gives us that little energy we need.

  8. First off, hugs to those knees. Second, hugs to the sun for the warm inspiration! If the sun is shining I'll sit outside even if the temps are freezing! Those pansies in the pic scream Spring to if our weather would get that message.

  9. Writing is a labor of love, well worth the effort! It leaves your fingerprint on the memories of any who may read it. You have the ability to make someone's day better, and you, my friend, do that well!

  10. I have had days like that. That is the day I take out my journal and jot down three words or so of an idea. Something I saw, heard...
    Then something comes to tap around on.


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