Wednesday, February 18, 2015


One of my goals this year was a home improvement project to extend our front porch. Even the term porch is a stretch because it's barely big enough to stand on while awaiting entry.

So this week I called my old carpenter buddy Ray to come up and help us with a material list for the job.

As soon as the weather warms, he'll come up and complete the job. He says it will take less than a half day. We're excited.

I had dental work again yesterday and my face still aches. So I'm keeping it short tonight.

Y'all stay warm.


  1. My old house in a former life had a really nice front porch. I don't miss the former life, but I do miss that porch.

  2. I had dental work TODAY! Yikes. Good luck with your new porch.

  3. I like planning additional carpentry parojects. I hope that one works good for you and your evening is good with a little help from RX.
    But I will think of you. I am not a fan of dentistry. :-(

  4. Good luck with your porch expansion project. It's always exciting to have some improvement done.

  5. Nothing like a day at the dentist to help define pain.

    Good luck on your porch! Your house is lovely.

  6. Projects can be lots of fun. Dental visits.. not so much. My time in the dentist's chair is tomorrow.. ugh. Hope you're feeling better before too long.

  7. I hate dentists (their jobs not the people who do the jobs). I am looking forward to seeing you porch expansion.

  8. Feel better soon and I bet the project will turn out great. I wish we had a cover over our front porch...that's a project that's low on the list!

  9. We have a front porch we love to sit's a nice way to relax outdoors!

  10. As long as you keep that beautiful purple door, you can do anything you want to the house! LOL

  11. Sounds like a worth-while project! One of my mother's dreams has always been a big porch.


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