Sunday, February 01, 2015


I saw a movie recently, Failure to Launch, and it got me to thinking about boats. Matthew McConaughey played the main character. He was a boat salesman, and a few of the scenes were shot on the water.

I've been around smaller boats for most of my life, but I've never been on a sailboat. I think I'd like it.

Several years ago on a visit to San Francisco, we drove across the Golden Gate Bridge to the park near Sausalito. 

It was a beautiful July afternoon, and boaters were taking advantage of the summer sun.
Beautiful sleek boats with sails puffed fat with the wind off the Pacific, silently slipped across the water. 

People onboard stood near the rails sipping wine from long-stem glasses and waving to envious landlubbers, lining the shores. The movie made me think of that day.

A few weeks ago while Jilda and I were in Fairhope for my birthday, we walked out onto the public pier which jutted out into Mobile Bay. 

About midway of the pier, we leaned against the weathered railings.  The choppy surf caused the moored sailboats to rock gently  in their  berths.

I've often wondered what it would be like to sail off into the sunset on one of those boats. It's hard to say for sure, but in my imagination, it seems a little like heaven.


  1. Ome of my dreams was to sail around the world, but with the world news, I think that idea is out for my life time. I would still like to have one. I just cannot convince Sherry (since I have no idea about sailing) that we could hire someone to tow us out a hundred miles and turn us loose and I would learn to sail. She won't buy it.

    But I do harbor in my heart, as you think, the idea of sailing off and enjoying the ride.
    I liked this post!

  2. Yes, Rick, being at sea is marvelous. Your describe the sights of gorgeous sailboats on the water so beautifully. Although most of my sea time is on large cruise ships in many parts of the world, I've spent some time on sailboats. As wonderful as it is, though, after you've been out there for ten or more weeks at a time, there is no place like home. Your picture is beautiful. We'll be back at sea later this month for another ten weeks.

  3. There is definitely something soothing about the gentle rocking of the boat on the water. The stemmed glasses are simply an affectation that would be fun to do once.

  4. Ach! Such a nice dream. A little while back I found a refurbished ship for sale for 500k.
    I told my husband for the price of a house you could live on this ship.
    It had many rooms A great place to use as a dining room A huge kitchen. Lots of bathrooms.
    huge storage freezer.I think there was enough room for 20 people. You get tired of one place... you change the view by just starting the engine. What a great life. Just a dream. lol

  5. Knowing you, you'll find a way to make it happen one day! I hope all your dreams come true! Beautiful pic too!

  6. A nice dream, sail boats look cool but I get seasick so don't think I would fare to well on one

  7. Sailboats are beautiful to watch with their sails all puffed out. When in San Diego, we saw this often from the harbor and restaurants on the harbor. We also saw it from a cruise ship we were on while there. It was beautiful, but from what I've been told, it can be a lot of work as well.


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