Thursday, February 26, 2015


We felt a little smug this morning. The lights blinked a time or two last night, but the power remained on.

The coffee pot had just beeped, signaling that it was ready for sipping when I heard the tell-tale BOOM. The power shut off immediately and all I could hear was the whisper of our ceiling fan twisting every-slowly to a stop. 

A few seconds later, I heard the UPS on my computer chirping. I know I have about three minutes to shut my computer down gracefully before it cuts the battery backup power to the computer. I hustled into the computer room and shut it down before it died.

The power was off a few hours before the roads cleared enough for repair trucks to make it through.

Stepping down to the chicken pen, the ground and trees looked like a Christmas card. I snapped a couple photos with my phone before heading into the pen.

The chickens were sleeping in and went wild when I came in to fill the feeders. 

Just after lunch, the power came back on and not long afterwards, the sun came out. The light reflecting off the snow was blinding.  

My great nephew Jordan came over to help me shovel the snow off the steps and sidewalk. A deer bounded through the yard while we shoveled. A few minutes later, a bird dog  I never saw before bounded up the yard, apparently in pursuit.

If the roads are passable, I'll head into work for a while tomorrow. The last few snow days were a nice littly vacation.


  1. As much as I dislike being without power I really hate to hear that boom. I worry about downed live wires. It's good that you were only without power for a few hours. That can lead to adventure.

  2. Snow is beautiful and always makes such a peaceful picture. Power failures can be tolerated fairly well if the temps and sun cooperate.
    Glad you got the power back. For a second there as I read, I was thinking you might have gained another dog to kennel! (smile) Have a good night.

  3. Funny how everything feels a little more in focus when the power goes out. I quite like the break sometimes.. as long as it's not for too long.. and it's not too cold. Glad yours was restored before too much time went by.

  4. Sorry you were without power but that image is picture perfect!

  5. I came back to tell you an oddity. Last evening after making my comment here I went on. Sherry is reading blogs on her side of the table and WE LOST POWER!

    She looked over at me and said, "the strangest thing just happened, I was reading the part of Rick's blog about him losing power, and we lost ours."

    But we were back on in about ten minutes. Probably an accident on the highway nearby.

  6. we had about 3 inches fall here day before yesterday, then a quick melt-off of most that afternoon. today frigid temps and more snow flurries. i am very grateful for continued power. :) glad you weren't out too long!

  7. No power sucks and that loud bang when something gets hit can be scary

  8. Aw, gee. That is just gorgeous. I guess in weather like this, if we had to, we could put the food from the freezer out in the snow like they used to do.

  9. Glad your power was only off a few hours. All's well that ends well.

    A small price for a sweet childhood memory for Jordan.
    Have a great dad tomorrow.

  10. Willy Dunne Wooters said his power went off Thursday night. Mine didn't. Of course, we don't have snow so I have no idea why his was off.


  11. Gorgeous photo. We didn't lose power, but I'm surprised the way the power lines were undulating.

  12. Glad the outage did not last long. The snow is beautiful.


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