Sunday, February 22, 2015

Winter's last hurrah

February is the hardest month of the year for me. Even though it's the shortest, it seems twice as long as the others.

We still have another week left of the month, and I would never wish away even an instant of my life, but it's tempting. It's been my least favorite month for as long as I can remember.

In the future, maybe I should move to the tropics for the month of February. Somewhere where the sun is warm and you can sit by a restless sea at sunset and drink fruity cocktails out of plastic cups with colorful umbrellas.

I'd probably have to go alone because Jilda loves winter and all that it brings. She likes walking when air escapes her mouth in huffing clouds. Caillou would stay with her because with fur as thick as a mink coat, he hates summer.

I guess the easiest thing for me to do is to stop whining and embrace winter's last hurrah.


  1. March is the month I detest, it promises improved weather then snatches it right away. Snow in march just turns to slop before it can even be enjoyed.

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  3. Unique, is the only word that comes to mind on this post, but I could see Jilda wakling and breathing the cool air into her lungs and exhaling it warmer. (smile) Yeah.

  4. I have now decided my proofing is always AFTER publish is hit! (smile) I hope we have spring then summer, no reverting.

  5. November and March are my least favourites.. they're so unpredictable.

    Winter's last hurrah as told with a harumph.. ish.

  6. February is my least favorite... I too have been trying not to wish it away... but I think you have the right idea, I want to go to the tropics for February every year, now if my job would let me work from there ;)

  7. There must be a song in there that would resonate with a lot of people, especially this February.

    Call me crazy but for some reason, I found that February went rather fast like December and January. I can't believe there're only 5 days left and my days are longer than most as I get up at 5:00a.m. every day.

    I complained of the cold and snow like everyone else as it's the only sport that I participate in and I hate travelling on scheduled trips because the weather is so unpredictable so I try not to schedule travelling in the winter as much as possible.

    You look rather stern in that Photo Booth picture. You tell Old Man Winter to go away. Of course the icon is rather small

    1. I didn't finished my sentence as my trigger finger clicked Publish before my brain was ready. Brain freeze... I was referring to Google Crome new blog post icons on top of the page.

      Have a good day Rick.

  8. When I was a kid I loved Feb. because it was my birthday month. Now it just seems to be the coldest, snow filled month of Winter. And yes, even though it's the shortest it sure seems to creep on forever. We've had the worst weather the last two Winters and these bitter cold temps (a high of 6de today!) are the pits! I too hate to wish away my days but holy frozen toes Batman...I'm done with this season!

  9. Hey, I also agree, snow, wind, freezing temps...
    But as you said we should not wish any of our days away! Climate warmer has not hit this winter LOL
    I usually plan a few get together's as it helps break up the long cold month!
    Have a good one... Rox

  10. Change all your calendars so the name of the month is different. Maybe you could call it... oh... Ricktober. You could have a whole new outlook on the month.

  11. I am looking forward to winter as but it is still a number of months off

  12. February sucks because it has my birthday.



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