Sunday, February 08, 2015

Angry Sky

Our songwriter group met today. The theme was Valentines Day. The idea was that everyone would write a song that had something to do with Valentines Day.

So after all the routine updates, cases were unlatched, and guitars pulled from their resting places. Our friend Joe Greg Winsett had written about memorable Valentines Days throughout his life. It was a touching and poignant country song. 

He is writes very good songs and he has one of the most honest voices I've ever heard. I loved his song.

Skip Cochran did his bluesy Valentines Day song entitled Cupid Ain't Stupid. The truth in this sone made me smile. Skip's voice comes from somewhere deep within and when you listen to his songs, you hear a lot more in his voice than then lyrics of his songs.

Our buddy Fred is a scream. He doesn't play an instrument, but he didn't let that get in the way of his contribution. He did a kind of chant without music of his lyrics. It was a I HATE VALENTINES DAY number that was a scream.

Jilda came up with a great approach to a Valentines Day song. We looked up all the sayings written on the little heart shaped candy that comes in the heart-shaped boxes of candy that kids exchange.

I think it's a neat little song.

When Skip's wife Lisa heard all the songs, she said she thought we should do a Valentines Day CD for next year. Maybe we will. It would be something that I've never heard before.

I smiled as I drove home. The clouds had moved in and the sky looked angry. Before getting on the Interstate,  I pulled to the emergency lane  and  snapped picture.

It was almost dark which made this exposure less than optimal, but you can get an idea of what it looked like here.

The rain will move in later this evening and I'll have to wear a raincoat tomorrow, but that's OK. 

I hope you all have a remarkable week. Below the picture is the lyrics to our new song.

I’ve never been in love
But I think I found the girl
And I don’t know what to do

I’m not good with words
Whenever she is near
Seems like I just come unglued

I found a little box
Of candy hearts with pretty words
Every one of them
I want to say to her

I love you
Will you be mine
Let’s kiss forever
Or the end of time

Hug me now
Will you be my
True love Valentine

True love Valentine


  1. That is cute Rick... that little song made me smile :)

  2. Beautiful lyrics, Rick. Perfect song for the upcoming Valentine's Day ;)

  3. I think those lyrics are fantastic. Maybe I'll sing it to Jim on Valentine's Day. NOT! He'd have to cover his ears in order to hang onto his hearing. I love love love cloud pictures - yours is just incredible.

  4. Leave it to Jilda to come up with a Valentine song. I think the lyrics are cute.

  5. Love the song and the picture both...sounds like a fun day!

  6. Aww cute .
    Love always makes one smile especially when it is innocent and pure.
    I'm all for it. :)

  7. Nice it brought a smile to my face thank you

  8. It sounds like a great time of fun and ideas. Creativity is an amazing thing and very catchy. You gotta like the song taken from the candy hearts...
    That looks like a dark buttermilk sky.

  9. There can never be enough songs about love.

  10. Wow. A glut of information here. I love the idea of a Valentine Songs get-together. I think your song including Jilda's candy hearts is wonderful. The storm clouds are pretty to look at even if they do warn of a storm coming.

  11. I'm envious of the get-together. All my musical friends live far away now...sound like a blast.


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