Saturday, February 28, 2015


I watched The Secret Life of Walter Mitty again tonight. I've seen it before, but I find it to be such a poignant movie.

Ben Stiller has starred in several movies, but his performance in this one is remarkable.

I've mentioned the film to several people who thought it was OK, but nothing special. And it's hard to explain why it resonates with me.

One scene is when he steps to the window at his job and receives his severance package. He worked for the magazine for 16 years when they let him go. You can almost feel the emotion as he slides his badge to the person passing out the checks.

I vividly remember the day back March of in 2010 when I went through a voluntary/involuntary (it's a long story) separation.

My circumstances were different, but I remember the last time I walked out of the building where I worked 27 years. My mind was racing as I turned in my badge and stepped out into the blinding sun of a spring morning.

There were geese lined up across the roof of the building. I could hear them honking as they watched me walk across the parking lot. I'd never seen them perched on the building before.  The scene seemed almost surreal.

I haven't thought of that moment in several years, but as I watched Walter Mitty it felt as real as if it had happened this morning.

The movie ends well and watching Stiller's character grow throughout the film is one reason I love it. My favorite movies are the ones that make me feel, and take me places I've never been. This one does that.

I'll leave you with one more snow picture that I took last Thursday. I hope you all have a remarkable weekend.


  1. You being a writer and going thru some of the same motions, I can imagine your mental association.
    WE have rain, and I hope that is the last of our rain for awhile, like I am hoping there is NO more snow that far south this year...

  2. Your snow pic is it a black and white or does it just look that way from the snow and light? Pretty cool. When I think of retirement I wonder how I'll feel leaving the hospital as an employee after 40yrs...if I'm lucky enough to be there that long. (4 more years) I always think of the TV show "M.A.S.H" when Radar is leaving and stops to look in the OR window and watch one more time as the Docs do surgery. I can almost feel what he's feeling at that moment...and thinking someday that will be me. Have a good weekend...and I hope you enjoyed all that snow! We're getting more tomorrow..8-10in. we're hearing...yikes.

  3. Any major change in life leaves a mark. If a movie can cause you to feel that mark it has accomplished what a movie should do.

  4. I watched Mitty for the first time a few months ago and very much enjoyed it. I can see why it touched you so deeply. Lovely photo.

  5. Relating to movies like this make them wonderful for the people watching them .
    You laugh, you cry and even when it's over it still tugs at your heart.
    I love old movies. I always ask why don't they make them like that anymore?
    Today they desensitize people and they really become cold hearted and even cruel
    thinking it's normal and you have to be the same or they don't seem to understand.
    Lots has changed with the world and I think I liked it much better when I was growing up.
    People were much better people back then.

  6. I confess that I have never seen The Secret Life of Walter Mitty nor read the short story. Hmmm. I think I migth need to do something about that!

  7. It's easier to remember how something or someone made us feel than just remembering what someone said. You must have felt some deep emotion at that moment of leaving your place of employment. It's etches deep in the subconscious and resurfaces when something triggers that memory.

    I never watched that movie either.

    I wonder if I'll feel that way when I retire. I doubt it.
    Have a nice spring like week.


  8. We have not seen that movie, may be one of these days. I see that you guys are dealing with snow too.


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