Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Snow pie

I drank the last of the milk when I raided the fridge after midnight last night. A glass of milk and a few gingersnaps set me right. When I mentioned to Jilda this morning that I drank the last of the milk, she smiled and I wasn't sure why.

It hit me this evening when I stopped by Walmart to pick up a fresh carton. They are predicting snow here tomorrow. We make fun of people who storm Walmart to pick up milk and bread at the first hint of snow.  Sure enough, when I went in, the dairy aisle looked as if locusts had descended on the area and picked it clean.

Leaning close to the cooler window, I stood on my tiptoes to get a better view of the cooler. Deep in the back, I saw one carton out of arm's reach on the top shelf. I called one of the stockmen over.  He stood on the edge of the cooler and pulled it out for me. I could have gotten it myself, but I didn't want to be on News at 11 - Walmart customer breaks a hip crawling into a cooler for the last carton of milk.

Dropping the milk in my buggy I made a Beeline for the register, avoiding the bread aisle on the journey. Fortunately,  I didn't see any friends or acquaintances.

Jilda and I will both be off tomorrow so hopefully we won't have to deal with getting out in the white stuff.

I'd be willing to bet our great nephew Jordan will come over and serve up some snow pies.


  1. I'm glad you were successful in your quest!!

  2. Glad you didn't returned home empty handed. No one saw you but now we all know you had to go to Walmart get some milk before the storm like everyone else. hehe...Such is human nature. Thanks for supporting the farmers.

  3. Rick, I have NEVER understood why the bread and milk aisles get raided liek this before a snowstorm. Cracks me up. "It's gonna snow tomorrow, good lord we gotta get to the store to get our milk and bread or we're all gonna die!!!"

  4. Hopefully that last carton of milk didn't have an expired date on it.

  5. Hey Rick, I laughed at that one! I will need to go to the store this morning and get some things, we are on another round of snow coming in!
    Tell Jilda I can just see her smiling... A good woman I tell you!

  6. No snow here (thank goodness) so no need for Jim to have to crawl into the cooler for milk. Now if you had been the one climbing in it sure would have been fun to get that picture. lol

  7. Hmmm...I usually head for the chocolate isle! Enjoy the snow while staying warm and safe inside! I'm glad Jordan can have some snow fun. I was happy to see that for once we're not being pelted with it..then I looked outside and sure enough it's snowing! The cold has been the killer around here. School was cancelled again yesterday because it was -15de in the morning...yep, I'm so ready for a balmy 20de day!

  8. SMILING, yep we southerners think it is a blizzard or epic perportions when snow is predicted. It will be days before we can get back to a store through the three inches of snow.
    Hey that is a neat shot of Jordan, great catch.

  9. I used to work in a store similar to WalMart. We found it so amusing that at the first hint of a snowfall people came out to shop. They seemed to think they would be stranded for weeks rather than inconvenienced for a day or two.

  10. Too funny. It makes you wonder how long they think everything could possibly be immobilized from a snowfall. Well I'm glad you didn't have to make headlines and no doubt you'll enjoy Jordan's visit. Pour him a tall glass of milk to go with that snow pie. ;)

  11. Yeah if I was to try and climb on something to reach the milk or whatever at the back of the shelve I would fall and that would not be good...........so I would ask someone either taller then me or a staff member to do it, remember I am only 4'11" tall


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