Thursday, February 05, 2015

Have you ever had a car you loved

I went in the break room to heat up my lunch today. Standing there listening to the whirr of the microwave as the radio waves did their magic, I turned to the window.

The sun drifted across a cloudless sky and my mind drifted off. One of the instructors  came in the break room for coffee and saw me looking out the window.

"Are you looking at my car?" she asked. She leaned next to the window and pointed to an older red Mustang convertible. It was beautiful.

She'd just had the car repainted and was proud of her ride. I understood.

Jilda loves her new car, but she really doesn't want to let her Volvo go.  The transmission has been slipping which is one of the reasons we got a new car.

We took it to the shop to get an estimate on Wednesday and the guy called today and it appears the fix was a simple one.  We'll know for sure tomorrow.

I know what it's like to become attached to a car....especially when it suits you.

I had a car that I loved in 1972. I spent hours cleaning and waxing that car with a soft baby diaper that I kept for that work.

About a month before I left for the Army, someone stole my pride and joy off the street in Birmingham. I never saw it again.

I have another dream car. It's pictured below. I even Photoshopped my name on the tag to make it seem more real. When I hit the lottery, it will be mine.

Have you ever had a car you loved?


  1. 1958 powder blue MGA with wire spokes and knock off hub caps. Sigh...

  2. No. I'm not really into cars although I can admire them without wanting to own them.

  3. I had a sky blue Thunderbird. I knew it was a lemon shortly after I got it but I loved it so much. I put a lot more money into it than I should have.

  4. Old cars are my love. I still wonder if I did the right thing. I was in charge of disposing of a car collection of Studebakers. I was told I could have any I wanted for free. I turned my sister down. Out of the 13 cars, I passed up a 1938 President and a 1956 Power Hawk, FREE! Running. I keep telling my self I done right, but still feel stupid. hahahaha

    Yeah, but if one of those dudes had been a 1948 Chevy convertable, it would be MINE!
    Now you 'done got me thinking.'

    Yeah today was even uncomfortable in central Florida, too.

  5. Oh no, your beloved car was stolen? That is awful :(
    I did have a car I loved, too. A 1996 VW Polo 86 C and it was my everything ;) I had it for 7 years and made 62,000 miles with it. I was so heartbroken when my dad sold it.
    Love your dream car, it's a fun ride :)

  6. Sweet! I'm not so 'into' cars right now - evidenced by my plain-but-serviceable Camry. But there was a time, oh ya when my heart belonged to a cherry red Fiat X-19. Unfortunately, a few years later I opted to upgrade to a Corvette ... which turned out to be a real lemon.

  7. How sad that your car was stolen. I loved my bright red Nissan Sentra. I broke my back in it. Farewell.


  8. 69 Jaguar XKE Red convertible! Oh yeah!

  9. I can't say I ever loved a car I owned. I know people do, but for me, my car is a means of transportation. What I love about a car is the journey and the destinations I can explore because of my car. So I guess you can say, I love the car I have at any given time because it allows me to explore.


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