Saturday, February 07, 2015

Saturday stuff

We have a few days of moderate weather to enjoy, so moving some of the trees out on the back deck for a bit of fresh air seemed merciful, as they have not wintered well.

I make our morning coffee the night before,  and tonight I had to step around the trees on the deck to dump the coffee grounds in the compost bucket that I keep on the bannister.

The air felt good......crisp but not chilling.  I stood for a long time drinking in the cloudless sky. The stars don't have much competition from lights around here and that's OK with me.

Before I stepped back inside I thought I saw a shooting star dart across the sky at the edge of my vision. I couldn't be sure if I really saw it, but I like to think that it did. I stood for a long time awaiting an encore, but it didn't happen.

The picture below, like many of my blog photos, has nothing to do with this post, but I shot it while back as I drove through the streets of what used to be my home town.

These days the wall that runs the length of main street is used for a canvas.  Each year, kids from the local high school leave their marks for the ages. It's an ever-fading tapestry.


  1. I love seeing shooting stars, it feels very special and I make a wish.

  2. I had the same uncertainty about a shooting star the other night. I also concluded that it was one. :)

    I like the light on that graffiti-covered wall. It makes a fine photo.

  3. some interesting graffiti - i don't mind it if they keep it clean. :)

  4. It's nice to have a few milder days during Winter...just to give hope for Spring! We had 2 days of mid 40's and I enjoyed the sun too. It's nice the town lets the kids express themselves! It made a cool pic! I love seeing the occasional shooting star and making a wish!

  5. I haven't seen a shooting star in many years

  6. Time passes and we notice things more. Whether it's a shooting star or a wall covered in graffiti, why do we suddenly notice things more as we get older?

  7. Good read. I like the idea behind the wall. The same can be found in many lives, what I see in my home town is just the changing land scape.

  8. I hate graffiti, even though it's been around forever. I read somewhere that workers building the pyramids left graffiti in many of the chambers and hallways.

  9. The peace you feel at night looking at the stars and enjoying the solitude is something that cannot be matched.


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