Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Snow day

I kept thinking we'd dodge the frosty bullet this year but didn't happen. Sleet began ticking off the
deck around 1 p.m. and within minutes, snowflakes as big as silver dollars began falling. 

I snapped this picture after about 15 minutes. It's now 7 p.m. and it's still falling outside.

Our niece Samantha and her son Jordan came over to play for a while. 

Out in the garden, Jordan built a fort and we had snow battles. 

We also rolled up a couple snowmen.

After about an hour, his teeth were chattering, but he didn't want to go back inside, but his mom persisted.

I will still be on the ground in the morning, but the forecast calls for temps in the low 40 so it will probably begin to melt by mid-morning.

I just received an automated message that school has been cancelled tomorrow so it will be a snow day.

The lights are flickering, so I'm hoping we keep power. Y'all stay warm.


  1. Hopefully you still have power. Stay warm and safe.

  2. I do believe those are snow-day faces in the picture. Delightful.

  3. Jordan is gonna keep you young my friend, but have fun, I know he is. He is one lucky kid. I hope the snow doesn't stick around, I am ready for YOU GUYS to have spring, thenwe will head home. Got a great grand We haven't seen. LOL

  4. It looks like you had a grand time! (Jilda looks pretty darn spiffy in her coat and hat.)

  5. We had snow yesterday here too in southeastern North Cackalacky and EVERYTHING was closed. It was so awesome. I gotta have my snow fix at least once a year so it was picture perfect!

  6. I can tell Jilda and jordan are loving the snow. If you want a perspective about how much snow we have here, please come for a visit. It's really snow haven. You can slide, toboggan, snowshoe, downhill skiing, cross country skiing, built snowman , snowball fights, go ice fishing, snowmobiling or just lay in the snow and make snow angels, my favorite...

    We got 10 more inches of snow yesterday.

    Stay warm and spring soon will be there, not sure about if it will ever be here.

  7. Enjoy the snow day! It's coming down pretty good here this morning. Looks like we might get warmer temps next week. I'm ready for this to be over!


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