Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Flipping through photographs

I made a decision some time back that I would use a picture with every post. At first I tried to have a picture that actually related to what I wrote, but that turned out harder than I imagined.

Plan B was to write and then find a pleasing picture to go with the writing.  This wound up being the approach I use most often.

The beauty of this method is that I frequently flip through my old pictures. Sometimes a picture will speak to me, spark an idea, and a story evolves. But sometimes I spend more time searching than writing.

Tonight as I flipped, I came across our cache of photographs from one of the trips to San Francisco.
Jilda and I have been there many times because of its proximity to Silicon Valley.

In my old job with the phone company, I was responsible for the maintenance of computer hardware. Most of the companies that provided computers for us were situated on a swath of land south of San Francisco.

On one trip, we took our niece Samantha and she snapped this picture of Jilda and me down around Pebble Beach.

I know there are more beautiful places on earth, but this is one of the most beautiful places we've ever been.


  1. It is beautiful, though I think if I was on the twelfth hole on a bad lie looking over the cliff at the ocean I would not find it quite so pleasant.

  2. Photo well-chosen, Rick. Pebble Beach sure looks beautiful to me --despite its giddy elevation of 3 feet above sea level.

  3. That is a great picture - what a backdrop. I'd love to see a picture with every post! Have a good week.

  4. You are right about matching photos to entries. YOu are also right about beautiful places on Earth. There are many 'most beautiful places' because each has its individual characteristics.
    We are lucky and have our photos slide showing all the time when we are not on the computers. WE love it. I wish I had all mama's pictures scanned to see also.
    The entry brought many memories.

  5. I have been meaning to mention it, so I will. :-), I was really proud when I noticed my 'page views' clock approaching 400,000. and then somewhere I saw your clock and it was over 2 million views! It is understandable, you have a great blog, easy to read, fun and also informative. I know you are proud of your readership! You deserve it. :-). (I'm leaning to do that little smiley face)

  6. (But I am not LEARNING to proof my entries.)

  7. Anonymous12:15 AM

    Lovely shot!!

  8. It's a beautiful photo of the two of you but the pebbles are huge. I thought Pebble beach had small pebbles... lol...
    You take a lot of photos so it's only fair that you should use some photos with every post but I find that you use them too sparingly if you ask me. Most of the blogs I follow, post lots of photos and they tell a story. Many time if the photo is about the story, I'll click to make it bigger to take a closer look at it. I want to take it all in... but if the photo is unrelated to the post, it's like looking at a nice photo on a calendar. It's nice to look at but ...


  9. I have an uncle who worked for the phone company in the Bay Area for many years. His name is Don Hayes, and he's even more chatty than I am.

  10. That picture looks nice and warm. I'm pretty cold right now. Even inside out of the weather the cold seems to permeate. It is fun to look through old photos. The memories are so vivid sometimes.

  11. Great picture, I like to spend time just looking at photos

  12. California has beautiful coastlines...I love San Diego, especially La Jolla...the cover picture on my blog!


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