Friday, February 06, 2015

Dam adventure

My niece called me yesterday to see if I could pick up my great nephew Jordan from school today. I had the day off and Jilda planned to work, so I told her I'd pick him up.

He's always smiling when he sees me from inside the school through the glass doors. Today I had something fun lined up  for us to do.

It was 60 degrees here but the sun made it feel a little warmer when the wind wasn't blowing.  He hopped in the truck and I buckled him in before heading out.

When I asked if he'd ever seen Smith Dam, he wasn't sure what I was talking about.  When I explained, he was in.

Apparently it had been a long day because on the 30 minute drive he leaned his head against the window and fell asleep.

When we got to the lake, took my time to get him awake before heading off to the water's edge. I told him that my family brought me to the dam as it was being built in the late 1950s. He couldn't picture that.

I talked for a long time about how big it was and some of the technical details, but he was still tired and his eyes began to glaze over, so I snapped a quick picture.

I'd thought that he would have been more excited, but I realized he was exhausted because he fell asleep for the ride back home.

School's hard work. I know that from experience.  Maybe this coming summer I can take him on another dam adventure.


  1. He was dam tired!

    Sorry, it's the Tourette's.

  2. Awww sweet darling.. he does look tired.

  3. It was a good idea. I'm sure he will enjoy the dam more nest time.

  4. I am smiling. I am remembering a camp fire and the ranger talkng about the camp ground, it was at lake Manatee. When he finished, one sweet old guy R.E. a volunteer, said, "Don't forget the dam Siren.", then realizing how it sounded, turned red. The Dam oficials always sounded a siren when they planned to release extra water to warn folks down stream.

    Dams are interesting, they join campfires, water falls and ocean waves in interest to me. Jordan is one lucky guy and I think he knows it!

  5. I can't recall the last time I fell asleep because I was physically tired. Still a good time for you and the little guy.

  6. He does look sleepy. When I was very young, we went to a dam that was being built. My sister ran down a hill, fell, and tumbled over and over. If she hadn't been hurt, then I think my mom would have killed her for running. I suspect you're a little more relaxed with Jordan. Of course, everyone is more relaxed than my mother was.


  7. You know a trip to a dam is one of my best memories of my childhood

  8. May be you can show him pictures of Dams across the world. There are some beautiful ones.

  9. Too bad Jordan wasn't wide awake to take in the history lesson of the dam but maybe he wasn't feeling well. I hope he's OK.


  10. He will remember sharing the experience with you even though he was tired. It's all about being with someone you care about, and the two of you obviously care about each other a lot.


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