Saturday, March 21, 2015

An old rainy day

The sunny skies made an appearance this morning but only for a short while. The clouds moved in quickly and rain began to fall before we finished our first lap.  By that time, we didn't quicken our pace. Had it been a little warmer, the rain would have felt good on my face, but the wind out of the north sent goosebumps up my arm and the back of my neck.

I've been getting nastygrams from Google about some of the websites I maintain. In the automated message, it tells me some of my sites aren't "Mobile Friendly."

Most of these sites were built when mobile was just a town by the bay in south Alabama. Now, more people view content on their phones and tablets, than on their desktops.

But, I spent the rainy hours working to make the sites mobile-friendly.  

I did knock off mid afternoon and drive to the nursing home to see an old friend of ours who isn't doing well.

I'm glad I did. His health has been failing for years, and he's been low before, but I've never seen him like this. We talked for a while until another one of his friends stopped by. I excused myself and headed back home. When I got in the car, I said a silent prayer for him and his family.

The picture below is one I used to do a art photo a year or so ago. When I came across the picture tonight, I realized it looks pretty good the way it is.

Have a great Sunday.


  1. I hope your friend continues on with peace.

  2. I'm sorry your friend is not doing well. I wish him comfort and strength.

  3. I had to smile in your book where you mentioned the Army saw the test results and you were Electronics bound, The same happened to me, but I was never happy with it. I got deeper and deeper into the OLD computers and could not adjust to the PC then the tablets etc. I am one lost puppy now. I even went back to school on my own to see if I could catch on. Nada.

    It is good you can mainain and manage web sites, I blunder my way through,
    Enjoyed tonights entry. I can understand the visiting friends in the HOMEs. It is good for them. But I know I have 5-10 years at most, before it is my time unless something sneaks up sooner. But I am a realist, if I live long enough it will happen. I have lost two good friends on the net who journaled to the end in the HOME.
    Anyway Good for you and the visit.
    From Central Florida for another week.

  4. I am sorry about your friend but I am glad you were able to get out and him...

    I wish I was more tech savvy... I think I should take a beginners course at night school, I am always relying on everyone else to help me... I am going to see if they offer anything like this in the Fall... it would be really beneficial to me ;)

  5. Sorry about your old friend declining health. It's good that you visited and I bet it meant a lot to him.
    I find as we age, we're seeing more of our old friends and acquaintances leaving us. It seems like there's been more and more funerals each year. Soon it will be our turn.
    Good for you to updating your website to mobile communication. the only thing I use my cell for is to make calls and nothing else.

    Have a nice restful Sunday.

  6. Sorry to hear about your friend. It is never easy to visit and to see a friend in a weakened state. The picture of the window is wonderful and seems to speak about your visit with your friend

  7. It's good of you to spend time with your friend and to be concerned about his moods. I hope I have someone like you in my life when I'm in a similar situation.

  8. My Sunday was wet and warm, had to use the clothes dryer to dry the washing but days like that are nice, today it is overcast but suppose to be around 29°c again

  9. It's good to act on those feelings of visiting someone. I'm sorry his health is not good but I'm guessing he was very happy and grateful you were there. It's chilly here but no rain or snow so I'm OK with it! My son and his family are going to Alabama for spring break next week...he loves it down there! Love your pic too!

  10. Friends are precious and rare; it's good that you got to connect with him. I'll be that made his day.


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