Friday, March 20, 2015

Weather report

We may have gloated too much about sunshine and blue skies these last few days because the rain moved in yesterday.  Today the sky was grey as ash and, even though, the mercury didn't dip too low, I was chilly for most of the morning.

I shot a few pictures today, but they were uninteresting. Flipping through some photo folders while I was on hold to talk to the local newspaper about our subscription, I came across a picture taken at 35,000 feet back in January. 

I was on my way to California. It was cold in Birmingham when I left, but the weather was kind on the left coast and the flight was smooth. I've taken a lot of pictures from planes, but the one I took this trip wasn't half bad.

I'd like to work in the yard some over the weekend, but we'll have to see if the weather cooperates.
I hope you all have a remarkable weekend.


  1. Beautiful picture. We have several days of rain coming. It is supposed to begin tomorrow. And they aren't even April showers.

  2. Great picture Rick... weather is always changing.... I hold on to that after we we snowed in for 2 days and no transit... I'm holding out hope this was the last of it and soon it will be Spring ♡

  3. Hey, I'm just here to complain. My Sherry reads this blog usually after I do but sometimes gets here first..Tonight she said as she read it (with a spoon full of p-nut butter) I am glad Rick told me this was P-nut butter month. Now, I just noted you didn't say doodle about p-nut butter tonight. Her memory is too good. (smile). I just told her, he was talking about weather not p-nut butter. Have a great weekend and I hope you get in the yard. ;-)

  4. That is a great picture taken from the plane. Whenever I fly I try to get a window seat. The sights are so amazing. Hope you get some good weekend weather to get out and work in the yard. Here it's been to chilly to get out, but it won't be long now. There is lots to do.

  5. I think you've posted this before Rick but it's always nice seeing some clouds from above. It reminds me when I was flying to Scotland and we were flying over Newfoundland, the land looks so rugged down below and there were cotton clouds here and there.
    It's overcast here but above freezing temperatures is fine with me. I could walk home with my jacket open without feeling cold this morning.
    Have a good weekend.


  6. Don't overdo in the yard if the weather cooperates. Have a terrific weekend.

  7. Have a great weekend. Sickness got me all week but love to think about spring! I love that picture-very cool

  8. That's an exhilarating shot.


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