Sunday, March 29, 2015


The jasmine on our front arbor is blooming which makes our entryway inviting in spring and summer.

The confederate jasmine has blossoms about the size if your thumb. It's both beautiful and anxious. It's always the first out of the shoot in spring but doesn't have the fragrance of the white jasmine.  When the air is thick with humidity, the fragrance of the white jasmine lingers in the air like a subtle perfume which makes our entryway enchanting.

We thought the winter of 2013/14 had killed our white jasmine.  When it didn't bloom in May of last year, I started looking around for replacement plants but the nursery where we bought it had sold out. "Oh, well." I thought. "I'll get some early next spring to replace it.

But then later that summer while sipping coffee on the front steps, I looked down. Tender shoots were poking up through the leafy mulch around the old roots.  

After coffee, I stepped inside to fetch my shoes and work gloves. The cold had nipped the massive vines on the arbor, but roots of the white jasmine had survived. Over the next few months, I pampered it like a teething baby.  It's healthy again and hopefully it will show out this summer. 



  1. How lucky to have a Jasmine blooming at your house.... I hope it will be even better than ever this year.

  2. Plants can fool us by going dormant. I've tried doing this when my wife wants me to do something, but I'm not as skillful as a plant.

  3. Oh the smell must be beautiful! Last year many of our flowering plants didn't flower too well due to the harsh winter. I hope it will be better this year. Still thinking of the smelling jasmine

  4. There is no more sweet a smell than the waft of jasmine on a warm evening.

  5. I so wish I could smell that jasmine! How lucky you are!

  6. How wonderful that all your pampering paid off for you. I had a rose bush that suffered last winter much the same as your jasmine did, thankfully it too survived. It's too early yet here to see what this winter did to it. We had snow on the weekend, but the week ahead should be some warmer.

  7. I have heard the name, all my life but this is the first time someone has shown me one. very pretty, now like 'WAy out Wear' above, I would like to smell it after you description.
    From NOrth CArolina...

  8. We have white jasmine taking over the front door, and the scent is amazing.


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