Sunday, March 08, 2015

Time change

The time change has wonked (is that a word?) up my day. I'm not sure how setting the clock forward can affect my body's rhythms, but it did.

I arose at 6 a.m. to drip the coffee. While waiting, I leaned over the kitchen sink and looked out the window. The moon which is almost full was bright as a halogen lamp shining through the pine and sweetgum trees. I stepped onto the deck to get a better view, and yawned as I admired it.

We are by nature, creatures of habit. Getting out of one's comfort zone is often a good thing. It causes you to perceive things differently and sometimes it opens new creative vistas. But I'm not certain a time change falls into that category because this morning I didn't feel creative at all, I just felt snippy.

The weather this weekend was beautiful. The wind out of the west was cool enough for sleeves, but the sun on my face was like a kiss from Mother Nature.

My intention was to shoot a picture this evening, but rain moved in early and when I stepped outside the sky was gray as a government cubical.

I found this picture I shot when we visited the beach for my birthday in January and decided to use in.

Am I alone when it comes to whining about time changing? Your thoughts?


  1. I kinda like the time change, even though I'm not a farmer and don't need the extra light.

  2. I say we compromise; move the clock back 30 minutes and never change it again.

  3. HEY JOEH, great idea, I just suggested the same to my girl. No one is gonna listen but I think it has outlived it's usefulness (what ever it was) (smile). I gottta tell you, better a birthday picture than rain! WE have had it in central Florida. I have no idea where we are headed after NC, but it is gonna be to a dry state methinks. (smile again)

  4. I agree with you. Changing the clock twice a year is a bother, it messes with our inner clocks, and adds needless confusion. I play chess online where I schedule games with various people from around the world. Since everyone is on a different time zone, we negotiate time in GMT. Until today I was GMT I'm -5. It's probably not worth complaining about, but it is one more thing I have to remember!

  5. It's disruptive! Time change nearly made me miss my grandson's t-ball practice today. Good thing it's only 15 minutes away. When I worked for a living, I didn't mind it too much but now I'm retired and getting to really important events, like whatever t-ball is, gets confounded by such caprices of the clock.

  6. Anonymous12:57 AM

    I LOVE the phrase, "the sky was gray as a government cubical."!!

  7. I am agin' it. Anyone who wishes to get up earlier can do so but why must my life be inconvenienced by their desires?

  8. I changed the clocks at about 6 p.m. on Saturday, took an antihistamine, and went to bed early. The time change did not bother me, but I think Daylight Savings Time is stupid.


  9. Time change messes with our internal clocks. When I was teaching, it took a full month for students to get in gear; it took me that long as well.

  10. I certainly hate losing an hour! Wonked is a great word!!!!

  11. I have heard many people say they take a while to adjust to daylight savings I am not one of them usually there is no period of adjustment although last year the first two days I was out of sorts but that was all and it was no big deal

  12. For some reason I adjusted pretty well to the time change this time. I change the time on my clock at 9:00 p.m and went to bed with a boring book and in minutes I was sound dozing off and I turned the light off and quickly fell asleep on my back. When the clock radio comes on at 5:00 a.m. it's really 4:00 o'clock the old time but I really didn't lost that hour of sleep because I cheated...
    Farmers have to get up and go to work in the dark and i guess after a while we get used to it. I admit, sometimes I get up and I'm on auto pilot.

    I hope you are catching up on your sleep.


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