Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The tax man cometh

And speaking of the government, I've spent the day doing my taxes. I don't actually do my taxes, I just take all the information I've collected throughout the year, organized it, and summarized the numbers so that it won't be a pain for my accountant.  I could let him do that work, but he charges by the hour and it would get pricey.

Today was another beautiful day here. I did get outside to stretch and walk in the warm sunshine.

I snapped a picture of this little purple iris (I learned that this is a  hyacinth. Thanks y'all for pointing that out) that started blooming recently. Jilda will call me a Cheater, Cheater, Pants on Fire because she shot a similar picture and posted on her blog, but I couldn't resist...even though I am a copycat.

I hope you all have a remarkable Thursday.


  1. Purple irises are my favorite flower. I hope you'll post more pictures of this one when it's older.

  2. I love the purples. To me they are the color of spring.

  3. Speaking of TAxes..................... At least the colors are beautiful!!! Between the two the flower is most appealing. It is a fantastic catch. I think we are getting $4 back, I hope you do better!

  4. That's a very pretty flower and it looks more like a type of purple Hyacinth. My irises have very long pointy green leaves. Of course everything is under the snow. Taxes, oh lordy... I don't like to think about it... a necessary evil...
    Have a great day.

  5. I have to get my taxes done and will soon:) I love the picture but it does look like a hyacinth. No matter as it is snowing here and so I love your spring look

  6. Good luck on your taxes. I just grab everything taxish from a box I throw such things into and take them to H&R Block. They get me better returns than I ever got myself.


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