Sunday, March 22, 2015

Waiting for spring

This is the hard part. The waiting. When the winter winds blow, you push the thoughts of spring to a place in the back of your mind. You know it will come when its time.

Then the first warm days toward the end of February, are like a promise that spring is not far way.

Then the sun in mid-March, coaxes the anxious buds from their nap, and with a yawn and a stretch, they burst open like Mother Nature's fireworks.

When I see those blossoms, I begin to get antsy, spending time in the shed sharpening hoes and repairing handles, but I know from years of southern experience, that spring is still has a way to go. 

The peaches, blueberries, golden bells, and buttercups, have all bloomed over the last several days, but in viewing historical records, we've had frost here well into April.

It's the waiting these last few weeks for spring to arrive that seems the hardest part for me. 


  1. The waiting is always the hardest... especially when the Winter has seemed so long or so harsh... I know it will happen though, it always does :-)

  2. Ah, thank you, That is what has been bothering me and I just could not put my finger on it!

    You are spot on.

  3. Anonymous9:17 PM

    It's coming--be patient!!

  4. I'm with Joeh, I realize it does bother me also and I should actualy know it . I cannot stop the frost on the Peach blooms if it comes, but I wish I could.
    I love the color (and promise) in that shot.

  5. I do know what you mean. Our tulip tops are just now starting to appear. We've a long way to go before it actually feels like spring. It was 23 when I got up this morning. Not very Springlike at all.

  6. Me too! It comes later here up North but it does eventually arrive. It's only 17de here today but I'm glad we left Chicago on's snowing to beat the band out there. Crazy weather.

  7. Cold again here today (-2C) but can't wait for spring and hopefully some warmer days

  8. It's as hard for Mother Nature to give birth to Spring as it is for a baby to be born.
    It takes time and there's no magic bullet to speed things up. It's not our labor yet we all want to rush it, haha, including me. Waiting is a game for patient people only...

    Happy Spring.

  9. I'm waiting too. I can't wait for those gorgeous blossoms on the trees and the array of colors in the flower gardens.

  10. We are having another lovely autumn day here in Newie, spring is a long way off

  11. I hope spring makes a longer show where you are than it does here. Neighbors are already plowing firebreaks around their properties.


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