Saturday, March 28, 2015

Fun gig

Jilda and I played tonight at Hart & Soul Coffee House in Homewood. It was almost like homecoming because a ton of our friends and family came by to support us. Our friends the Spook House Saints played on the bill took. Our buddy Fred helped us tweak the sound.

It was hard leaving at the end of the evening because some of our friends we rarely see.

We just got home so this will be a short post. Happy Sunday.

Fred and me at Hart & Soul Coffee House


  1. How nice that it was a fun time. And to have family pop in to share it with you must have brought joy.

  2. Your face expression tell it all Rick. You are just beaming... I can tell you had a grand time at the coffee house with friends and family.
    Have a nice Sunday.

  3. Yeah, you certainly look satisfied. I envy the talent (in a good way), it is sure nice to have good friends to enjoy in this life.
    Have a great Sunday! We are headed to NC and a lot of satisfying work after a winter of leisure.

  4. Sounds like you had a great day and it is always nice to see old friends

  5. And, Happy Sunday back at ya! :)

  6. Anonymous12:23 PM

    It sounds like so MUCH fun!!

  7. this foto reminds me so much of home, my brother (who resembles you) and a place I would love to visit.


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