Saturday, March 14, 2015

Doing your homework

I went with my niece Samantha to buy a new car today. The last brand new car I bought it was fairly painless. I walked around,  kicked a few tires, signed a few papers, shook hands and drove away smiling.

Today, the selection didn't take long at all. Samantha did her homework and knew what her car was worth. She knew the least amount they'd take for the car she wanted.  The salesman shook his head, wrote her figures onto a piece of paper and headed our for the sales manager. 

He came back with a new piece of paper that was $765 more than her figures. He told us he would only make $56 on the deal.  

I looked at her and I could see by the set in her jaw that it was a matter of principal. "We're going to drive a car at a competing dealership just down the road. 

As we walked out the door, he said, "We could give you an additional $500 trade-in on your old car."
The gap dropped to $265. "We're going to drive the Ford," she said. And we left.

It turns out, the car we left to drive wasn't what she wanted, so we sat in the parking lot and thought.
She tapped her steering wheel for a long while before we headed back to the original dealer.

In the end, she didn't want to walk away from a car she wanted because of the $265 difference.  

I was proud of that youngun. She used her brains and did her homework prior to the purchase.

That's something I haven't always done for myself in the past.


  1. I have no idea how it works, but I'm pretty sure he makes more than 56 dollars.

  2. I agree with you. Samantha, was wise above her years. I am proud and don't even know her. More young people should know what the yuoung lady knows.

  3. Good for Samantha. She may not have gotten the deal she was looking for but she did a good job.

  4. Good for her to be that savvy about purchasing a vehicle. I heard that the car dealers take advantage of women in particular but I guess this dealer might have learned his lesson.
    I hope that she loves her new car.
    Blizzard winter storm has arrived in our parts.

    Have a good week.

  5. Good for her! She did her homework, knew what she wanted and didn't impulse buy-you should be proud:)

  6. Intelligent young ones give me hope.

  7. Good for her! I remember when I bought my very first car. I sure wish I had the internet back then! I hate purchasing a new car...they cost as much as a house! I guess that's why my car is 14yrs old! Hey, it runs and it's paid for!

  8. Oh how proud of her you must have been

  9. Can I bring her with me when the time comes to buy a new car? ha! She's very wise. Sounds like it runs in the family.


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