Tuesday, March 24, 2015

One fine day

Today was one fine spring day. Cold weather is moving back in over the weekend, but I can't think about that now.

At lunchtime, I took my soup into the break area to nuke it. Standing there waiting for the microwave to ding, I glanced out the window. The sky was clear as crystal with fluffy blue clouds slowly drifting off to the east.

When I headed back to my desk, I couldn't take the pressure. I had things to do, but the warm sunshine was calling to me and my todo list would have to wait.

With my drink and soup in hand, I stepped out into the courtyard and walked toward the picnic tables. I couldn't believe I was alone. It is AEA here and only the staff is working, but still.

Placing my lunch on the table I sat and absently spooned the soup into my mouth.  After what seems like weeks of rain, the sun was finally out, and I couldn't take my eyes off of it.

I wish I knew what kind of trees were blooming in the courtyard, but I couldn't put a name with them, but that wasn't required to enjoy being in their presence.


  1. You said a mouthful there. I honestly worry sometimes at trying to remember names of Flora. Although I do not know all the flowers and blooms names YES I can still enjoy them, I am trying to make a mental note to me to that affect!
    Yes we enjoyed a good day here too.

  2. Beautiful tree, spring is a great time of the year.

    Ms Soup

  3. It's great you have a place to get out and enjoy such a nice view too!

  4. It looks like spring snow.

  5. Enjoy the sunshine and the soup. I think it is cherry blossoms:) great pic:) very romantic

  6. I have always enjoyed a quiet lunch by myself while just watching the nature around me. It is a form of meditation.

  7. Sounds like a nice time nothing quiet as nice as sitting in the sun

  8. It's what I would have done too. I love to look at beautiful flowering trees and any kind of flowers for that matter. Flowers tame the wild beast in me, lol.


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