Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Festival weather

Soon it will be festival weather. Our dance card is filling up with gigs for spring and summer. We both love festivals, and through the years, we've played at many. 

One of the first festivals we attended together was Horse Pens 40. It was a bluegrass venue, but they had all kinds of folk and acoustic music there too.

We'll be playing Art in the Park soon. It rained when we played there last year so we ended up in the gym and the sound was dodgy. The only thing you can do when the sound is dodgy is to circle the wagons, stand close enough to each other that you can hear  enough to stay on key. 

We had a friend that played with John Denver and he taught us that trick. Once they played in a huge venue when the stage monitors went out.  They all gathered close, and John began clicking time with the heel of his boots. He said it wound up being one of the best shows they ever did.

I hope you all have a great Wednesday.



  1. Whoa, is one pretty woman with that old guy! ;-0. That entertaining at festivals must be fun. some of the best times for us has been running into festivals across country accidentally, what a treat.
    It must be so enjoyable to pick a guitar. I have always enjoyed that talent of folks. I tried on a $3 guitar once and sure made my finger tips sore. LOL. I bet you provided entertainment to many guys in service in the evenings away from home. Nothing draws a crowd like a guy and his guitar.
    It is great you guys work together at festivals and other gigs.

  2. Sounds like you two have lots of fun together. Wonderful.

  3. Anonymous11:37 PM

    Have I ever told you Jilda is beautiful?

  4. Nice to be thinking about festival weather. It was only 27 degrees here this morning. Even nicer that you get to entertain folks and enjoy it too.

  5. A beautiful photo of both of you, forever young...
    Sounds like this is an event to look forward. Have fun.

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