Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Preview of spring

I meditated this morning. It started off fitful, but I pulled the sporadic thoughts as if they were weeds in my garden. Soon I settled into a zone somewhere beneath conscience thought.

When I do that, I tend to be more mindful for the rest of the day. I guess that's why I noticed the jet aircraft off to the east when I stepped onto the deck before sunrise to dump coffee grounds. Normally I do that chore at night, but I ran out of steam last night and forgot.

The air was crisp, but not uncomfortable even though I was barefoot with a short sleeved shirt. In the sky, high enough to catch the first rays of the morning sun, I saw a jet wink and whisper across the sky toward the west with a contrail spreading out behind like white cotton yarn. I watched it until it disappeared behind the trees.

The day warmed quickly and when I ran out for lunch to grab a sandwich, the bank sign blinked 84 degrees. It didn't take a blinking bank sign to tell me it was warm. When I headed back to work after picking up my sandwich, the cab of my truck was hot enough to bake croissants.

Tomorrow the rain moves in, and the temps will be more seasonal, but the quick-on-the-trigger trees around here sure loved the preview of spring.


  1. I'm loving the sight of that tree Rick... I'm trying to believe Spring will be here soon but the snowstorms keep coming :-/

  2. 84 sounds very nice. I'd better dust off my golf clubs.

  3. I saw hints of green today. I do think spring is coming.

  4. I sorta like it when spring plays hide and seek a little. Keeps the interest up. As long as a frost doesn't slip in.
    I forgot the empty the trash until late last night, It is a pleasant block walk to the dumpster, I took time to look at the sky, clear as a bell and I could see the stars they were a great show on the clear canvasl. Looked good. We then had a clear warm day to day, loved it.

  5. I'm visiting your blog today due to Jack's recommendation. He gave a wonderful review of your book. How wonderful to have that preview of Spring. Here in Ohio, we have a long way to go. The last of our snow has been melting away here.

  6. How wonderful to set my eyes on this beautiful tree in full bloom. A sure sign that Spring is coming but you'd hardly know it here. We had a Blizzard on sSunday and another storm yesterday. We're kind of loosing hope here.

    Sorry I didn't visited your last post. I was under the weather yesterday.

  7. Spring can't come soon enough, although we haven't had much snow or rain in Portland this year and we'll probably pay a price for this in the summer.

  8. Anonymous1:04 PM

    That tree is spectacular!!

  9. Okay, that was descriptive, bake croissants, as we all know it is suppose to be hot enough to fry and egg... I needed that!

  10. That photo is a lovely promise of days to come! The colors of pink, green, and blue are so vibrant. We are still pretty gray here in Nebraska.

  11. Here one day it feels like the season is changing the next it still feels like summer, today it is suppose to be around 34°c again but tomorrow they say it will only be around 24°c the weather is truly all over the place

  12. I read somewhere that people who meditate live longer than people who don't. Less stress... that kinda thing.


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