Thursday, March 19, 2015

The winner is:

And today, the day before spring, the peach blossoms came. We walked yesterday before we headed out of town.  As we walked, I checked the buds on the blueberries, pear, and apple trees. While they were swollen, none seemed ready to pop out.

I would have laid three to one on the blueberry bushes being first out of the bud, but I would have lost.

While the blueberry bushes did put out leaves, none put out the blossoms. 

Our vacation was a short one and we headed out on our return trip before lunch. This evening we decided to walk to stretch our stiff legs. 

We ambled down around the barn giving the dogs a chance to roam and ramble. On the way back toward the house, I heard Jilda say, "Look!"

When my eyes followed her finger, I saw the pink blossoms of the peach tree at the edge of the garden. It was in bloom.  Stepping over, I snapped a few photos with my phone.

Things will get interesting here over the next few weeks. I'm hoping we don't have a killing frost. I'd love to have some fresh peaches this summer.


  1. Anonymous8:58 PM

    Nothing is as good as a fresh-picked peach!!

  2. I am looking forward to blooming trees here soon. I don't usually look forward to spring the way I am this year.

  3. We are probably 3 weeks away.

  4. Those blossoms are such a welcome sight. Happy Spring !

  5. HAPPY SPRING Rick... Yeah, beautiful blossoms on your peach tree. You're lucky to have some fresh peaches in the fall.
    The peaches we get in the stores don't even come close to fresh picked ripe en on the tree.

    The blossoms will be popping up everywhere now. Not here, sigh :(


  6. It takes so little to fill one with joy! Peach blossoms--so beautiful! So delicious in a f!ew months

  7. Now you've got me thinking about fresh peaches. Yum!

  8. Every little bud and bloom is one step closer to full on Spring weather!

  9. I have always wondered about the South Carolina Peach Growers, how they over come that stress of the first few days and weeks of the blooms, so tender and vulnerable.
    I know it must be nice to have your own fruit trees. Good for y'all.
    From Central Florida....


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