Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Classic dodge

I've been slammin' and jammin' since 7 a.m. this morning. I wrote my column that will appear in this Sundays paper, put together a newsletter, did two phone interviews for another newsletter, and set up an appointment for a story I'm doing for a magazine.

Just now, when I looked to my right at the wall calendar, my neck groaned like a rusty hinge on a horror house door.

I had every intention of writing something profound tonight for this blog, but I'm tired and uninspired, so I've reverted to plan "B" which is to get something down and beg forgiveness.

If we have electricity after the ice storm sweeps through during the early morning hours, I'll write something profound tomorrow night. Otherwise, I'll drive to McDonalds, swill a few caramel mochas, and write something trite.

The weather radar showed most of the country getting snow and ice tonight. I hope you all stay safe and warm.


  1. I hope you weather the storm without incident. Take care.

  2. We are gonna get about 8-10 inches here in KY :) I'm excited!!!

  3. I cutely turned to Sherry and read a line out of your entry, and I get, "Oh, that was Rick, I already read that." Women! (smile)
    I ain't Optimistic above, I want to hear about SPRING!!!!
    Take care my friend, when you have nothing, you still do good.!

  4. It's lovely here. Stay warm.


  5. Looks like all your creativity is being spread pretty thin! I hope that ice storm leaves quickly with no damage or outages and you can get back to that 79de mark! We're chilling and thrilling on this Thursday morning into Friday...then finally some relief! Just a little over 2 weeks before I head back to work so I'm hoping the snow and junk is gone!

  6. Once in a while you need to take a break from profound. Mundane can be good too.

  7. Seems the cold weather is going further and further south in the east.
    Up here it's spring but in Washington State
    Mt Baker is packed with snow.

  8. Maybe you are spreading yourself too thin and expect a lot from yourself.
    Give yourself some blogging slack when you need the pause.

    Hope all will be well after the storm. Stay safe.

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