Friday, July 31, 2015

Sepia Sunflower

The humidity fell suddenly this morning.  Maybe the blue moon chased it off to the south, or maybe it got bored with the wilt. But when I walked out onto the deck early this morning, the sky was spring blue today with clouds as thick as milk.

We've had enough rain to make the grass grow faster than kudzu, so after the dew evaporated, I put on my Farmer Rick hat,  fired up the riding lawnmower, and cut the back 40.

The sun was warm on my face, but the wind out of the north felt like heaven on my neck.

Our great nephew Jordan stayed with us again today and he loves spaghetti. So Jilda whipped up a batch with a fresh garden salad and cherry tomatoes from our garden.

The temps warmed up after lunch and I decided to wash my new (old) truck. I asked Jordan to help and his face lit up. He and Jilda shared a conspiratorial glance...which usually does not end well for me.

Midway through the wash job, I was hosed down. My mock rage evoked squeals of laughter.  When I finally wrestled the hosepipe from him, he didn't run that far. We both were drenched by the time we headed back inside. I only wish someone had taken some pictures.

The only picture I have today is a tintype of a sepia sunflower. I hope you all have a great weekend.


  1. Rick it sounds like one of those memorable days which just enjoyed and had fun... they are the best xox

  2. They love to hose down grown ups!

  3. Jordan is one lucky guy, I think he knows it now, but later he will remember all this, and he will KNOW HOW LUCKY he was. I am sure he adores you and Jilda. Nothing like a day you guys had. That makes the best memories...

  4. A good water fight on a pleasantly warm day is such great fun.

  5. Anonymous11:06 PM

    No apologies are necessary for the sepia sunflower!!

  6. Sounds like you guys had fun with that hose. Happy weekend!

  7. Washing a car or a truck is never quite the same when you have a child helping. I can remember the days of my youth when we'd don our bathing suits and wash my dad's car. We knew we were going to get wet ! Lovely sunflower !

  8. Of course, Jordan and Jilda had to hose you down. A good christening for the old new truck done in style.
    Have a great August.

  9. I have not washed a car in like ever.................I am too damn lazy to do stuff like that, I would rather pay the money and go through a car wash...........

  10. Thanks Rick, for the lovely words that painted a perfect picture of a summer day with your family! And sounds like you got a few jobs accomplished also! Maybe that is where the saying comes from... Whistle while you work, as it can be quite pleasant!


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