Tuesday, January 26, 2016

An old rainy day

Rain moved in midmorning. I knew it was coming so I loaded my truck last night with things I'd need on my job today.

Unloading at school was a dry event, but by the time I settled into my desk, the bottom fell out. I stepped to the window and parted the blinds to get a better look at the courtyard. Rain spattered on the cobblestones.  A hooded student dashed from the main building toward my building and when he slogged through the door he stomped water off his tennis shoes and shook the sweatshirt jacket off. 

Just then my phone rang. Someone had questions about the workshop today. Ten people signed up to get help looking for a job, but I guessed that the rain would keep some of them away. Turns out I was right. People don't get out when it's raining unless it's a matter of life and death. I was happy with the five that did weather the wet stuff.

I hoped the rain would let up a while so that I could walk, but no such luck so I took my raincoat from the coatrack, pulled the hood over my head and stepped out Waterville. 

Fortunately, I'd walked in the building a great deal today, so I only needed about four thousand steps to hit my goal.  Soon I fell into a routine and the time passed seamlessly.

I loved walking in the rain when I was a kid, and during the last leg of my walk today I looked up at the sky letting the rain sprinkle my face.  The wet leaves in the woods had an earthy aroma. 

It would be easy to curse the rain, but where would we be without it. Just my thoughts on a rainy Tuesday.


  1. I like the way we tend to get rain in the east. Seems California is always dry, or there is too much rain causing mudslides and stuff.

  2. Anonymous10:15 PM

    I'm in California & we could sure use some of your rain!!

  3. To paraphrase Eddie Rabbit... "I Love A Rainy Day".

  4. Sherry says the rain is supposed to show up here tonight or tomorrow. Today was a moving day and we are now on the Gulf Coast at Crystal River. I was thankful that our move was dry!
    TAke care, stay warm and dry! Life is good!

  5. I applaud your efforts to get all those steps in, even on a rainy day. Rainy days for me a good for a nap or even two!

  6. I have always loved a warm rainy day but not the cold ones. I think walks in the rain are so nice. As a Kid we would slide down rain drenched, and muddy ditches on our flat bottom sleds in the summer. It was so fun.

  7. One of the reasons we moved to Oregon years ago was because of our love of rain, but after thirty-five years it's starting to wear on us.

  8. I notice that you mention 'school' in several of your posts.
    Do you mind me asking what school....and what you do?
    It's supposed to rain here today. But....with rain, eventually comes sunshine.
    Smiles to you,

  9. I like the way you make the most out of every season including rain. Life becomes a little easy that way. Very inspiring.

  10. I was thinking that it's no wonder the one who don't show up when it rain don't have work. You would think they are made of sugar and might melt, lol.
    A good rain coat is a necessity for the rainy weather. Too bad folks take you for granted and don't show up for their workshop just because it's raining. Usually the one who realy want work will show up and you re so good to help them out.

    I hope the rain lets up and the sun shine.

    Have a good day tomorrow.


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