Wednesday, January 13, 2016


After the first frost, we dumped the dirt into the back flowerbed from the potted flowers and veggies on the deck. Most of the pots we stacked upside down on the rock flower bed border where they will rest for the next few months.

The garden is at rest too with a blanket of hay and oak leaves to keep in comfy when the mercury dips south of the freezing mark.

And we rest too. Most evenings in spring, summer, and autumn I find something to do outside....till, plant, rake, burn, stack, mow, and/or chop.

But in winter, I wrap up and walk, but not much gets done in the yard or garden. I let nature have its way with the root and soil.

Spring slips into the south earlier than most places. The sun in late February and early March makes it almost warm enough to swim on some afternoons through the worst snowstorm in my lifetime was in March of 1993...but I digress.

Today after I got my 10,000 steps, I sat on the stone bench outside cooling off. The sun was sinking low in the sky and when I looked behind me, I saw it highlighting a moss-covered pot.

I snapped a picture hoping it would trigger a thought for tonights blog. As it turns out, it did. I hope you all have a restful winter.


  1. I am thankful to the Lord that he reminds us to rest....
    Just like the trees and plants that go into their winter's nap...
    It's time to rest and store up for our next adventure.
    And there will be many.....

  2. I tend to hibernate in the winter myself.

  3. Anonymous4:43 PM

    I hibernate ALL year!


  4. I like the description of letting nature take it course over the next couple months. You guys do great getting in 10K steps, we hit the 5k number most days. There are times I miss winter, we have dodged it for many years now. But the time is coming......
    As always, a good visit!

  5. Winter is a time for rest and renewal too.

  6. In winter I get cold and don't do much, including blogging. That's the same as hibernating. You're welcome to try one of our winter. It will give you a lot to write about. -28°C right now or -5.8 °F.
    Nice smiling pot with big bright eye. I guess I have to grin too and bear winter.

  7. Cant wait til warmer weather. I'm not a Winter person. I struggle to get 5k steps in each day when 9K is my goal. So I guess that's hibernation huh.


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