Friday, January 08, 2016

Small price to pay

Jilda and I headed out early this morning. I clicked the remote to unlock the doors on her car, when she realized she didn't have her phone.

I sat on the hood for a moment while she went back inside. It wasn't raining, but the air felt thick as velvet. The wind was out of the west and the sky was grey with cloud.

Looking up, the bare limbs of the giant water oak above our house, looked like a web overhead. Even without leaves, it's beautiful in my eyes.

Who knew that the tiny tree at the corner of our house when we built it in 1983, would grow to be so big.

This tree is beautiful throughout the year. Summer, the canope is so thick, that no sunlight touches our roof from noon until sunset.

In autumn, it dumps mountains of leaves which I rake and spread over our garden as mulch. It's work but it's a small price to pay.


  1. Saves on air conditioning. Funny how realizing you forgot your phone these days is like feeling you are naked.

  2. That's lovely.


  3. I love looking up.
    Such beautiful sights to behold.

  4. Anonymous12:37 AM

    Another beautiful photo!!

  5. Each tree has it's own unique character. Some of them are quite lovable.

  6. Never a wasted moment when you have a camera at hand. Beauty is everywhere if we look for it. Have a nice weekend. It's here all ready.

  7. You do have a beautiful tree there. I'd say well worth the work.

  8. The things we fail to stop and realize. Like this tree. You planted it with care and now it gives back. Its your shade in the summer, your blanket in the winter and supplies nutrients to your garden. I often stopped and stared at a tree. They always marvel me.


  9. Watching that oak grow must be satisfying. Just to live in one place long enough to see an oak grow, is past my personal experience. And since I have waited so long, I will never enjoy that. BUT I like to think of it. I remember thinking to myself when my best friend was pointing to the water oaks around his house and saying, "I can't believe I planted them just after we were married." I thought, that is impossible that must take over 100 years. GOOD for you and Jilda!

  10. Yeah the day sounds nice just my thought, and we need our phones if we go out without we feel lost


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