Sunday, January 17, 2016

Recap of the weekend

Even though we cut our weekend short, it was still remarkable. When we drive, it can often be more aptly described as a meander. We stop and stretch more often than we did when we were younger and we're like puppies because we rarely pass up a chance to pee (sorry if this is TMI.)

But we enjoyed our trip down to the beach on Friday. We ate at a place near Montgomery and stopped in Evergreen to get a coffee drink. 

I pulled over at a few places to get pictures of the bearded oak and hickory trees hanging full of Spanish moss, but the light wasn't good and the pictures were unremarkable.

We arrived and checked in at the beach after 4 p.m. When we settled into our room, I stepped onto the balcony and realized the sun was sinking low.

A quick hit on the Weather Channel said the sun would set in less that 15 minutes, so we headed downstairs post haste.

When the elevator door dinged open in the lobby, there was a roar. When we turned the corner to head to the walkway to the beach, we saw HUNDREDS of kids. Apparently, our quiet weekend wouldn't be as quiet as we thought because we chose the weekend of Ocenanfest. Oceanfest is some kind of weekend religious retreat for kids...LOTS of kids.

We managed to excuse ourselves through the crowded lobby and make our way to the sea in time for sunset.

I shot a lot of pictures and after a long silent walk in the sand, we walked back to the room and got ready for dinner at a local Mom and Pop seafood diner.  It was a delightful meal of seafood cooked to perfection. 
Even though our stay was cut short, I didn't feel cheated. When some of our friends learned that we had to come home early, they assumed we'd be upset.  But being upset is not a good experience. It taints the goodness and abundance that you've enjoyed in your life. Unexpected things happen from time to time and you can either be a whiny-baby about it or you can see it at what it is...something unfortunate that happens from time to time. 

I had a beautiful birthday. There were so many Facebook happy birthday wishes, that FB wouldn't let me respond to them all. My email inbox filled up, and I got Linkedin and Instagram birthday greetings. Also, I have an excellent column idea about my experience.

Tomorrow is a holiday and later this coming week, I'll travel to New Orleans for my job so I should have pictures and stories to tell. I hope you all have a remarkable week.



  1. Sorry you weren't able to stay longer. Thanks for sharing the pics- they are wonderful! I'm not a beach person, but I do like the beach in winter and your pics captured it beautifully :-)

  2. New Orleans!! I can hardly wait to see/hear all about it.

    Ms Soup

  3. It's not fun when things doesn't go as planned but at least, you're not bitter about it.
    I hope your trip to New Orleans goes smoothly.
    Better luck next time.
    Have a great week.

  4. All of our best stories are like this, the unexpected. I admire the folk who handle the 'WHAT?' WELL.
    Love the pictures, on our walk yesterday we too had beautiful sunset. I love the pictures, especially Jilda on the log looking out to sea, one of my favorite 'settings'. Glad you had a great day and trip, nothing like the smell of 'salt in the air'.

  5. Oh to see sun and sand! Your sunset pics are beautiful and I'm glad it was a good birthday. I laughed out loud at the peeing comment! So dang true!! I'm looking forward to the column!

  6. Lovely pictures. Glad you enjoyed your trip, even if it wasn't as long as you'd planned.

  7. Anonymous4:07 PM

    Beaches & sunsets are two of my favorite things & when they're combined...!!

  8. These are beautiful photographs....and like a well-written book, a good photograph stirs the "happy" in me.
    I can almost feel and smell the salt spray, hear the sea gulls, hear the waves roll in and make their way back out to sea. I love the beach so much, and I thank you for sharing these photographs with us so that I can take a 'walk back in time' to one of the places on this Earth that I love to be.
    I'm thankful that you and Jilda have such good attitudes about unexpected happenings in life. Reading about the way that you both handle these setbacks helps me to strive to be more patient and more understanding. I thank you for that.
    Sending you best wishes on your travel to New Orleans.
    Have a safe trip....

  9. I agree, there is no sense in being upset. You had a lovely birthday treat and whatever time you had there at the beach looks wonderful !

  10. Im sitting here looking at the temperature here sitting at 16 degrees. The pictures of the beach somewhat warm me up. The pictures are beautiful and Im glad you had a good birthday. Sorry your trip was cut short but I would have left like a baby having a tantrum in a toy store!

  11. It may have been a blessing in disguise to leave early. I have noticed that as we get older we appreciate the sights along the way more than we did when we were younger.

  12. Tons of kids would see me packing too:) It sounds like you both had a wonderful time and these pictures show it. Can't wait to see New Orleans and what captures your fancy. I watch a rescue show called Pitbulls and Parolees with their home base in New Orleans


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