Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Nice day

We met friends in the city today and lunched at Chez Fonfon, which is a French bistro near Five Points South in Birmingham.

One of our friends we ate with today is a chef and he said that one national magazine rated the hamburgers at Chez Fonfon as one of the best in America. I haven't verified that, but he doesn't throw facts like that around indiscriminately. When it comes to food, he's never steered me wrong.

After lunch, we headed back to the sticks. My brother-in-law has worked two jobs for most of his life decided at Christmas that he wanted to retire. I thought he was joking, but he called yesterday to ask if I'd ride with him to put in the paperwork.

We drove to the county seat where the board of education is located. He wanted me to go because I'd already retired and been through the process so hopefully, I could help him ask the right question.

About an hour later, we were on our way home and he looked as if a weight had been lifted from his shoulders. "Maybe we could go fishing," he said tentatively. I told him that was an EXCELLENT idea.

This evening when Jilda and I walked, we had a lilt in our steps. Both of us felt a little lighter.

Behind the barn is her dad's old Ford truck. It belongs to my nephew, but he's leaving it behind the barn until he can come up with the money to restore it. When Jilda and I came around the side of the barn, the sun had just dipped below the horizon. The old truck looked a little sad down there. Maybe it was wondering when it would get a chance to retire.


  1. I'm one that enjoys retirement so I applaud his decision.

  2. Funny thing, my husband mentioned it was time to retire but I know he won't just yet. I'm ready and willing and old enough to retire.
    That young lad has lots of work to do to restore that old truck. I'd love to see it when he's trough with the restoration.
    Have a great day Rick.

  3. Funny how easy it is to think of retirement, but when it comes down to the wire MOST folk get the 'willies' (what ever that means). I have retired twice both times it was great. My dad retired once and was the worst thing he ever did, HE WAS LOST!

    I tell everyone retirement is great, if you have a hobby or activity to replace 'the job'. Otherwise take a long vacation.
    I love old trucks 'waiting to retire'.

  4. I meant to say, nice to have a friend who knows good FOOD! Actually it is nice to have a FRIEND! (smile)

  5. Anonymous12:27 PM

    I wasn't working outside the home when my husband retired, but when he did, so did I--I don't cook or clean any more!!

  6. I recommend retirement HIGHLY!
    Love every moment of it....

  7. Congratulations, brother-in-law. You can keep yourself busy now by doing things for you.

  8. Good for your brother-in-law! It's good to follow your gut on some issues and I think retirement is one of those issues. I'm shooting for 2019..sounds far away but truly it's right around the corner. Your photo made even the run down truck look artsy!


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