Thursday, January 07, 2016

Ride in the country

Meetings took me to Alabama's edge today. I could have thrown a rock to Mississippi, or so it seemed.  Long stretches of road with open fields of sage with scattered pine.

I passed an ancient tractor that looked as if it had not been cranked since Clinton was in the White House. At one community, a 1960 Mercury Comet, with it's rear wings and slanty taillights sat alone by the side of the road with a hand-scrawled "For Sell" sign on the windshield.

On the way in, I passed a small brick church sitting in a cotton field and I made a mental note to stop on the way home and snap a picture.

My meeting was a productive one. The two folks I met with are facing problems similar to the ones I face in my work helping older folks find jobs. We live in a rural area and it's hard to get the numbers that city colleges get. Our only option, is to do the best by the people who do show up.

I grabbed lunch and headed home just after noon.

A few miles outside of town, I slowed on the approach to the church I'd seen earlier. The sky was dreary with low-hanging clouds and most of the cotton was picked in the fall, but I shot the picture anyhow. I love country churches.


  1. How much for the Comet?

  2. What? No photos of the old cars? Yes, yes. I like the photo of the church but photos of the cars would continue the theme you started with the old truck behind the barn.

    Ms Soup

  3. I want the old Comet! Sherry knows that. LOL like the great picture of the church, but mama would say, "The automatic pickers sure leave a lot of cotton. LOL

    Thanks for taking us along. I am very familiar with southern Mississippi, around Biloxi, and have driven thru most of the state, but I always like you perspective from the 'home boy' perspective. Thanks. Love your descriptives!

  4. I am sorry, I get the states mixed, I meant around Mobile, Opp area.

  5. Rides in the country are always wonderful !

  6. I'm sure someone somewhere is checking off a list of the majestic European cathedrals he or she has photographed.
    Meanwhile, someone else is taking pictures of small rural American churches.
    I've always thought it would be interesting to make a calendar or book of photographs of picturesque country churches.
    And when the church is made of brick, I want to know where the mud came from that made the brick. There is something poetic to me in considering that man, himself made from the earth, takes the earth to construct and edifice to worship his creator.

  7. I'm glad you had a productive meeting. Seeing the country side is just part of the bonus. I love seeing the cotton still hanging on the plants. I wonder if birds stuff their nests with it. I bet the mice do.

    Have a great day.

  8. Love the countryside....
    Beautiful photos that you shared with us.
    Thank you!

    1. I think my mind was on the fact that I wanted to see a photo of the old tractor. I LOVE old barns and old tractors....

  9. Anonymous1:18 PM

    If you ever come across on old Delorean or Excalibur, please let me know!!

  10. Our trips to the beach include riding through a lot of country. My eyes always catch a glimpse of the cotton fields, corn fields and silos. I remember seeing tobacco crops along the way also. Old car? Old tractor? You lost me at the little brick church. Love it.

  11. We have a beautiful cathedral a few miles from here out in the middle of nowhere.

  12. The church is beautiful. When we lived in western Maryland, a church not too far from us in Pennsylvania was for sale. My daughter who says I'm not funny and I longed to buy it. I don't know what the hell we would have done with it, but I suppose we could have started our own denomination: The Woman Who Is Not Funny And Her Perfect Daughter. Sounds like a religion to me.



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