Tuesday, January 19, 2016

City of New Orleans

When I turned off of Interstate 59 onto I-10 West and headed into New Orleans, the sun was squatting over Lake Ponchatrain and was as hard on my eyes as a photographers flash, that didn't turn off.

It's been over 35 years since I've been to New Orleans. Jilda and I came here often during the year we spent in Mobile after Hurricane Fredrick swept into Mobile Bay in 1979.

The phone company had this thing about customers being out of service. So I headed down I-65 in a
caravan of repair trucks almost a half-mile long. The phone company wouldn't send us down until danger had passed and all the live power lines had been secured, but once there, we worked from daylight until dark for almost a year.

After about a week, I missed Jilda terribly so I convinced her to load up Duke, our German Shepard, and come down. Most people thought it would be a vacation for her, and she did get the best tan she's ever had during those months, but she got a job...sort of.  The guys (about 20 of us) got tired of eating
Rick and Jilda 1980
out and convinced her to cook every evening.

She loves cooking so it seemed like a win-win situation. Every morning she'd propose a menu, and all the guys would throw money in the hat for her to buy groceries and when we got off at dark, we'd all enjoy a communal meal around the pool.

On most weekend, we'd head to Pensacola, Gulf Shores, Biloxi, or New Orleans. We worked hard that year, but we had a GREAT time.

Rolling in this evening it's obviousl the city has changed since Katrina stormed asore here, but it's still a beautiful place and the food is incredible.

Jilda decided not to come this trip because it would be short, and I'd be tied up in meetings most of the time I'm here. But I've got the fever now, and I can promise you it will not be 36 years before we return for a visit.


  1. The picture with the huge sun is amazing. I have never been to New Orleans but would like to go some day. You wife is a true stunner!

  2. Maybe you can get your bearings back after all the changes to New Orleans. Then you and Jilda will know where you want to go when you do go back.

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  4. As close as I live to New Orleans, I've never been there.
    That is a beautiful photograph of Lake Ponchatrain....and I love the one of you and Jilda in 1980.
    Enjoy your visit....
    Safe travels back to your sweet Jilda.
    Hugs to you both,

  5. Anonymous11:39 PM

    New Orleans is an AMAZING city!!

  6. Having been there I can see why you'd want to go back. I was there before and after Katrina. It was interesting, but sad, to see the changes.

  7. You can start to plan that next trip and take Jilda with you and stay a little while.

  8. Very interesting post of a neat part of your life that comes froma natural disaster. And 'Nawlins', of course is one of our favorite cities also, and I like any story with her in it.
    But most of all, what a neat deal, Jilda the cook. What a treat for emergency workers. An amazing story, good one. (me? Love the Cafe-du-monde be-neighs and that STRONG coffee.!)


  9. When stationed in Biloxi, I remember the catchy advertisement song: At the beach at the beach, at Pontchartrain beach, you'll have fun, you'll have fun every day of the week, you'll have a thrilling ride, laugh till .........!

  10. Id love to visit this city. I hear other talk about how good the food is also.

  11. Great picture of you two. I've never been to New Orleans but it's on my bucket list.


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