Saturday, January 16, 2016

Birthday sunset

We arrived at the beach yesterday about 30 minutes before sunset. Once in the room, we actually took a 10-minute nap before heading downstairs to get our feet in the sand.

Sunset is a big deal at the beach, and there were many other people making their way outside. The elevator dinged and stopped on every floor. I'd check, and sunset was at 5:12 P.M.

We bolted off the elevator and out of the lobby door. We got onto the sand as the sun squatted on the western horizon. I think it was waiting for us.

We sat in the sand and watched my birthday sunset.

Our get-away was cut a day short by something strange that happened in the back floorboard of our car, but since I plan to write this week's column about it, you'll have to check back a week from Monday to get the story...sorry.


  1. Enjoy your holiday...there's nothing like a bit of suspense to keep everyone hanging on for the post about the back floorboard of the car.

    Ms Soup

  2. What a gorgeous sunset... have an amazing holidays ♡ xox

  3. Happy Birthday Rick. Beautiful, wonderful sunset. Now, just waiting to see what happened to your floorboard. I remember the holes and the water that saturated our feet regularly in our very old VW Bug back in the early 1970's - we put down cardboard and newspaper to sop up the water. Back then if we couldn't fix it ourselves it didn't get fixed. Your suspense filled sentence brought back memories.

  4. That's a beautiful sunset. Sorry your beach vacation was cut short because of an issue with the floorboard of the car. Now you left us with a cliff hanger.So be it, we'll have to wait.
    Have a great day.

  5. The sun setting over the ocean is about as lovely a sight as you will ever see. You had a good one for your birthday. And you are a cruel person to give such an intriguing hint and then making us wait so long.

  6. A nap....
    Sunset at the beach....
    Sounds like a heavenly birthday, to me.

  7. Leave 'em in suspense.

  8. A 10 minute nap, is not a nap, well not for me I like an hour for a nap just saying also the only thing I don't like about the beach is the

  9. Seconding Joy's comment: Norma and I drove a '67 VW Sedan for many years. One day the 5-year-old battery --under the back seat-- exploded, causing a battery-sized hole in the floor. Back then, if Sears sold you a 5-year battery by golly they MEANT it!

  10. What a beautiful sunset and a nice way to end your birthday

  11. You are blessed to be celebrating your birthday on the beach! That sunset is beautiful!


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